Thursday, June 14, 2018

[DMANET] W2 Professorship for Theoretical CS, University of Bremen

At Faculty 3 - Mathematics/Computer Science the following open
position is available. The vacancy will be filled - conditional
to the release of budgetary funds - as soon as possible:

Salary Group W2

in the discipline

Theoretical Computer Science
Reference number: P559/18
as a civil servant, permanent position

The future professor will represent Theoretical Computer Science in
research and teaching and should have an outstanding scientific
qualification in a relevant area such as Algorithms and Complexity
Automata Theory Finite Model Theory Algorithmic Graph Theory

He/she will teach introductory lectures to undergraduate students as
well as specialized courses to graduate students; teaching in the form
of student projects is a welcome addition. Commitment and innovative-
ness in teaching are expected, and so is the willingness for didactical
self-improvement and contribution to the internationalization of the
University of Bremen.

It is further expected that the future professor contribute to science
funding by acquiring third party funds. Cooperation with research
institutions associated with the University of Bremen and
contributions to the high-profile research area Minds, Media, Machines
are highly welcome. Prerequisites for an appointment are a completed
university degree in a field relevant to the position, a very good
doctoral degree as well as further scientific achievements (equivalent
to a "habilitation" postdoctoral thesis) which may have also been
acquired outside of a university, teaching experience at a university,
and pedagogical proficiency. Experience in considering the gender
perspective in research and teaching is desirable. Non-German speaking
candidates are expected to be able to teach in German within two to
three years.

The recruitment is based on § 18 BremHG.

As a winner of the Total-E-Quality Science Award, the University of
Bremen strives to increase the number of female professors and
therefore explicitly requests applications from female
scientists. Applications from international scientists as well as
applications of scientists with a migration background are explicitly
welcome. Disabled candidates will be given preference in case of
almost identical professional and personal qualifications.

Applications including a cover letter, CV, publication list, copies of
degree certificates, should be submitted by July 31st, 2018 to:

Universität Bremen
Fachbereich 3 - Mathematik und Informatik
Bibliothekstraße 5
28359 Bremen

or electronically in a single PDF file:

For inquiries, please contact the dean of Faculty 3
Mathematics/Computer Science, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schill

Comprehensive information on all aspects of the hiring process can be
obtained here:
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