Tuesday, January 22, 2019

[DMANET] 2-3 May: 1st EUROYoung Workshop in Seville, Spain

*1st EUROYoung Workshop*
*Sevilla, Spain. 2-3 May 2019.*
An initiative sponsored by EURO, directed towards young O.R. researchers.

Website: https://euroyoung.github.io/workshop19.html
Email: euroyoung+1workshop@protonmail.com
Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/RVwDlXqhdNXZj7Yw2

*Key facts:*

- No enrolment fees.
- Free accommodation for the first 48 participants.
- Free meals.
- Social activities.
- *Invited lectures* by *Ana Viana* (INESC-TEC and University of Porto,
Portugal) and *Federico Perea* (Polytechnic University of Valencia,
- *Contributed sessions* to present your research in a young,
collaborative, and relaxed environment.
- *Tutorial sessions* to learn about useful techniques and tools.
- Opportunities for networking and tutoring with the invited speakers.

Find more information on our website:

*Who are we?*

EUROYoung was born in 2018 as an EURO-sponsored initiative. EURO is the
European Association of Operational Research Societies.
We are a group dedicated to organising training and dissemination events
for young O.R. scientists.
Our objectives include fostering collaboration among students and
early-career researchers in O.R.; providing young O.R. scholars and
practitioners with tools to advance their careers, mainly through training;
creating networks both among young researchers and with more senior leaders
in the field of O.R.; connecting demand and offer in the O.R. job market,
both in academia and the industry.

*Thanks to...*

We are able to offer this event at almost no cost for the participants
thanks to the generosity of EURO and of the Institute of Mathematics of the
University of Seville.


Alberto Santini on behalf of the organising committe:
Lavinia Amorosi
Martina Fischetti
Marina Leal
Moisés Rodriguez
Alberto Santini

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