Sunday, January 6, 2019

[DMANET] EATCS Bulletin, call for abstracts

EATCS Bulletin,, has a
section for "Technical contributions." To stimulate this section
further, we have recently started publication abstracts of works
that have been accepted by journals and/or conferences or have
appeared in major archives. The topics of interest include all areas
of theoretical computer science (for instance, see topics of the three
Tracks of ICALP,

Abstracts can be rather detailed, 2-3 pages long in the format given
at (short ones of one page
are also welcome). Submissions should include the information on the
full paper (the name of conferences, archives, etc) and sufficiently
detailed explanation of its merits, e.g., importance, motivations,
clear comparison with existing results and novelty and/or new ideas of
proof techniques.

The Bulletin is published in Feb, Jun and Oct. The deadline for the
abstract submission is 15th of the previous month (a soft deadline),
for instance, Jan 15-20, 2019 for the next Feb issue. All materials
including tex and pdf files should be sent electrically to and
Acceptance/rejection, decided based on its merit mentioned above, will
be notified as soon as possible. The Bulletin will not require
copy-right transfer for accepted abstracts.

Kazuo Iwama
Bulletin, European Association for Theoretical Computer Science
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