Tuesday, January 8, 2019

[DMANET] PhD/postdoc position in computer science, University of Konstanz

I am looking for a PhD/postdoctoral student, to join my research group on modelling self-organising complex systems (www.tatjanapetrov.info <http://www.tatjanapetrov.info/>) in 2019. The topic will be formal modelling of collective systems (https://www.uni-konstanz.de/collective-behaviour/open-positions/formal-modelling/), <https://www.uni-konstanz.de/collective-behaviour/open-positions/formal-modelling/> and it will be embedded in the newly established Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour (https://www.uni-konstanz.de/collective-behaviour <https://www.uni-konstanz.de/collective-behaviour>/) at the University of Konstanz, Germany.

The candidate would ideally have a major in computer science, mathematics or physics, and curiosity to understand collective phenomena in biological systems. Previous experience in formal verification, mathematical modelling or statistics is an advantage.

The deadline to apply is **15th January 2019**. Please do not hesitate to contact me at tatjana.petrov@gmail.com <mailto:tatjana.petrov@gmail.com> if you have any questions. The application instructions available at https://www.uni-konstanz.de/typo3temp/secure_downloads/102014/0/02765ec60f6c4d79a9a63c6bdc357da50fcf6faa/Application-Instructions.pdf <https://www.uni-konstanz.de/typo3temp/secure_downloads/102014/0/02765ec60f6c4d79a9a63c6bdc357da50fcf6faa/Application-Instructions.pdf>.

Best regards,
Tatjana Petrov

Prof.Dr.Tatjana Petrov
Modelling of complex, self-organised systems
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Konstanz
e-mail: tatjana.petrov at uni-konstanz dot de
phone: +49 (0)7531 88-4565
http://www.tatjanapetrov.info <http://www.tatjanapetrov.info/>

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