Sunday, May 12, 2019

[DMANET] IFORS 2020 - Invitation to organize a stream within the "graphs, networks and combinatorial optimization area"

IFORS 2020, in exciting and dynamic Seoul, South Korea, June 21-26, is
only about 13 months away!

IFORS 2020 will be the 22nd Conference of the International Federation
of Operational Research Societies. As the only globally focused
Operations Research organization, and with the field booming
worldwide, this is a fantastic time to be a part of the IFORS
community. We are especially excited to be holding the next IFORS
conference in Asia, as OR has been growing tremendously fast in that
part of the world. We anticipate a record attendance.

As well as hoping that you will consider coming, I am writing to see
if you are willing to organize a Stream (Session) of your choice
within the "Graphs, Networks and
Combinatorial Optimization with Applications" Area?

A Stream can be as little as 2 Invited Sessions (each planned to be 4
talks each), up to a maximum of 12 Sessions.

If you cannot organize a Stream yourself, then please consider the
following options.

* Streams can be co-organized. Is there a co-organizer you could
work with to do this?

* Recommendations: is there anyone you can recommend who may be
interested in organizing a Stream in this area? Please feel free both
forward this message to them, and reply to me with their name and
email address.

* Chair an Invited Session: if you are will to chair an Invited
Session, please let me know the general topic, and I will try to match
you with a Stream.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could get back to me soon, as I
will be entering Streams into the submission system over the next few
weeks. Although there will still be several months in which Sessions
and Abstracts can be uploaded, I know this can easily slip away, so
getting started earlier will definitely be better.

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,

Thomas Kalinowski | Lecturer in Mathematics
School of Science and Technology | University of New England
Armidale, NSW 2351, Australia
Tel. +61 2 6773 5197
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