Thursday, February 18, 2010

[DMANET] PhD positions in computer science on the foundations of electronic markets at Aarhus University

PhD positions in computer science on the foundations of electronic
markets at Aarhus University

At the computer science department of Aarhus University, Denmark, 3 PhD
positions will be available starting August or September 2010.
The background is the establishment of a new research center:
Foundations of Electronic Markets (FEM). The center
will initiate a major new research effort, combining the fields of
cryptography, algorithms and computational complexity with subjects in
such as game theory and mechanism design. It involves several
international partners in industry and academic research. We are therefore
looking for students with a strong background in computer science and/or
mathematics and an interest in any of the relevant computer science fields.
For more information on the center, see

Students will be given the opportunity to work with basic or applied
research in FEM as well another closely related project: Confidential
(COBE), which aims at developing new cryptographic protocols for secure
analysis of confidential data from multiple sources.

Entering our PhD program requires at least 4 years of full-time study.
However, based only on a bachelor degree, one can be admitted to an
honors program
directed against a PhD study.

The Computer Science department of Aarhus University
( is one of the strongest CS departments in Europe.
We are particularly known for our work in algorithms, complexity theory
and cryptography.

Interested students are encouraged to get in touch with either Ivan
Damgard ( or Peter Bro Miltersen (
See also the CS department's pages for potential PhD students

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