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Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees 2010 - deadline is approaching

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Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees 2010
September 7 - 11, Prague, Czech Republic

Call For Papers


Logic, Algebra and Truth Degrees is the second official meeting
of the EUSFLAT Working Group on Mathematical Fuzzy Logic

Mathematical Fuzzy Logic is a subdiscipline of Mathematical Logic
which studies the notion of comparative truth. The assumption that
"truth comes in degrees" has proved to be very useful in many, both
theoretical and applied, areas of Mathematics, Computer Science and

The main goals of this meeting are to foster collaboration between
researchers in the area of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic and to promote
communication and cooperation with members of neighbouring fields.

The featured topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Proof systems for fuzzy logics: Hilbert, Gentzen, natural
deduction, tableaux, resolution, computational complexity, etc.

* Algebraic semantics: residuated lattices, MTL-algebras, BL-algebras,
MV-algebras, Abstract Algebraic Logic, functional representation, etc.

* Game-theory: Giles games, Renyi-Ulam games, evaluation games, etc.

* First-order fuzzy logics: axiomatizations, arithmetical hierarchy,
model theory, etc.

* Higher-order fuzzy logical systems: type theories, Fuzzy Class
Theory, and formal fuzzy mathematics.

* Philosophical issues: connections with vagueness and uncertainty.

* Applied fuzzy logical calculi: foundations of fuzzy logical
programming, logic-based reasoning about similarity,
fuzzy description logics, etc.

We also welcome contributions on any relevant aspects of related
logical systems (such as substructural and quantum logics, and
many-valued logics in general).

Invited speakers:
Arnon Avron, Israel
Felix Bou, Spain
Agata Ciabattoni, Austria
Roberto Cignoli, Argentina
Ioana Leustean, Romania
Franco Montagna, Italy
Hiroakira Ono, Japan
James G. Raftery, South Africa

George Metcalfe, Switzerland - Proof theory for fuzzy logics
Vilem Novak, Czech Republic - Mathematical fuzzy logic in linguistic

Programme Committee:
Petr Hajek (Chair), Czech Republic
Antonio Di Nola, Italy
Christian Fermuller, Austria
Siegfried Gottwald, Germany
Daniele Mundici, Italy
Carles Noguera, Spain
Ales Pultr, Czech Republic

Contributed papers:
If you are interested in presenting a paper, please submit a 2-4 page
abstract at Your
submission will be confirmed automatically on the e-mail address you
provide. The accepted abstracts will be available on-line after the
final decision of the program committee. If you have any problems to
submit an abstract, please contact us at mail to:

The deadline for contributions is 20th March 2010. The notification of
acceptance/rejection will be sent until 30th April 2010.

Expression of interest:
It would help us if you could express a tentative interest by filling
the form at

Conference dates:
The scientific program will start Tuesday morning (7th September) and
finish Saturday noon (11th September).

The conference will take place in the building of the School of Computer
Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, which
is located in a historical part of the city of Prague called Lesser
Town, close to local attractions like Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle.

Prague offers a variety of accommodation options. There will be
no official conference hotel, so participants are free to make their
own arrangements. However, all participants can use the special offer
(10% discount) of

For further information please visit the official web page of the
conference: All correspondence
should be directed to latd2010(at)

Please, feel free to distribute this call.

The Organizing Committee
Petr Cintula (Chair), Karel Chvalovsky, Petra Ivanicova,
Milan Petrik, Ales Pultr, Martin Vita