Monday, October 17, 2022

[DMANET] Call-for-papers: Production and management systems with remanufacturing and other value-retention processes in the Circular Economy

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to the Special
Issue:Production and management systems with remanufacturing and other
value-retention processes in the Circular Economy

Which is going on at Mathematical BioSciences and Engineering (Impact
Factor: 2.194, CiteScore: 3.0).

The details of the Special Issue can be finded at:

This Special Issue of MBE aims to collect high-quality and original
works in production and management systems from an OR/MS perspective,
that include value-retention process for used products, and in
particular considering the remanufacturing activity, in the context of
Circular Economy. Some of the topics within the scope of this Special
Issue are (but not limited to):

• Barriers and Challenges for Value-Retention Processes in the Industry
• Business Models in the Circular Economy
• Closed-Loop/Green/Sustainable Supply Chain Management
• Core Acquisition Management
• Demanufacturing
• Design for Reuse/Remanufacturing/Refurbishing
• Disassembly Operations Management
• Ecodesign of Products and Services
• Ecological and Responsible Consumption
• Environmental Policies and Regulations
• Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
• Extended Production Responsibility
• Inventory Control in Reverse Logistics
• Inverse Manufacturing
• Hybrid Production-Remanufacturing Systems
• Lifecycle Assessment
• Lot-Sizing with Returns Options
• Multi-Criteria Decision-Making methods and processes in the Circular Economy
• Product Recovery and Lifecycle Management
• Production Planning in Reverse Logistics
• Remanufacturing Operations
• Reverse Engineering
• Reverse Logistics Systems
• Reverse Supply Chain Network Design
• Scheduling Problems with Returns Options
• Sustainable Operations Management
• Sustainable Production Planning
• Sustainable Engineering
• Technological Approaches for Enhancing Sustainability

Guest Editors:
Dr. Daniel Rossit
Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina

Dr. Bopaya Bidanda
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Dr. Pedro Pineyro
Universidad de la República, Uruguay

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