Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[DMANET] 1st Greifswald Phylogenetics Meeting

Attention! Only few slots still available! Due to various requests, even though the deadline for registration and abstract submission has already passed, we will fill additional slots on a first-come, first-serve basis. So if you are interested to attend our meeting or if you know someone who might be, please spread the word!!!

I herewith want to announce the 1st Greifswald Phylogenetics Meeting,
which will be held in Greifswald (north eastern Germany) from the 14th
till the 16th of July 2014.

Registration is now open and the deadline (both for registration as well as for abstract submission) has been postponed due to various requests. There are still a few free slots, so please register asap!

Our conference poster can be found here: Feel free to print it and forward it to anybody who might be interested! For more details, please visit the conference website:

This meeting will have a particular focus on mathematical (e.g. graph
theoretical, combinatorial, probabilistic and algebraic) aspects of
evolutionary tree or network reconstruction, but it will also bring
together scientists from different disciplines in order to provide the
opportunity of close collaboration.


Phylogenetics is an interdisciplinary research area that aims at
reconstructing the evolutionary history of biological systems such
as, for example, collections of species, populations or groups of
bio-molecules. To achieve this, biologists work closely together with
mathematicians and computer scientists. The conference will provide
researchers from all three involved disciplines an opportunity to present
their recent work and exchange ideas.

Location: Greifswald is a beautiful little town located directly at
the Baltic Sea in close proximity to the famous islands Rügen and
Usedom. Greifswald university was founded in 1496 and has therefore a
long tradition and history. Being a former Hanse town, Greifswald is
famous for its historic market square, its cathedral and the museum
harbor. Other famous towns like Stralsund with the Oceaneum or the
world cultural heritage city of Wismar are nearby, as well as the
city of Rostock with its newly established Darwineum. The region is a
holiday region but not too crowded by tourists. In July the weather is
most likely to be great and we hope that if you can come to our meeting,
you will find the time to stay longer and enjoy this unique area. There
is a direct and regular train connection to and from Berlin, and the
nearest international airports are Hamburg and Berlin.

Please note that the meeting starts early on the 14th with one of our
highlight talks and ends in the evening of the 16th with another highlight
talk - so if possible, please plan your stay from the 13th till the 17th
of July.

The registration fee is 150 Euros (100 Euros for students).

Organizers: Mareike Fischer, Andreas Spillner, Martin Haase

Invited speakers: Olaf Bininda-Emonds, Mike Steel, Vince Moulton, Allen Rodrigo

For more details, visit our website
or contact Mareike Fischer:

Mareike Fischer <>

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