Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[DMANET] Call for Participation: Workshop in honor of 65th birthday of Tetsuo Asano

*** Early Registration deadline (for SoCG) is May 10 ***.

Workshop in honor of 65th birthday of Tetsuo Asano;
Growing Collaboration in Computational Geometry

in Computational Geometry Week 2014
Kyoto University, Japan. June 11 (Wed), 2014. 14:30-18:35


This workshop aims to promote global collaboration in research on
computational geometry, bringing together researchers from diverse
geographic and academic areas, in celebration of the 65th birthday of
Tetsuo Asano. The workshop features scientific talks by top
researchers influenced by Tetsuo, demonstrating the importance of
cross-cultural collaborations, and looks ahead to future developments
and advances.

We have the following six invited talks in the workshop:
- Takeshi Tokuyama, A Mathematical Expedition into Zone Diagrams
- David Kirkpatrick, Efficient algorithms with small workspace:
shortest paths in grid graphs revisited
- John Hershberger, Geometric kth Shortest Paths: Life and Death in
the Parking Garage
- Danny Z. Chen, New Imaging Algorithms in Computational Geometry with
- Otfried Cheong, TBA
- Tetsuo Asano, Designing Algorithms with Limited Work Space

Registration is free for the registered participants of SOCG 2014.
Others should register from the SOCG webpage (1-day workshop

- Takeshi Tokuyama (Tohoku University)
- Yota Otachi (JAIST)
- Yoshio Okamoto (University of Electro-Communications)
- Otfried Cheong (KAIST)
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