Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[DMANET] CfP: PPSN workshop on Semantic Methods in Genetic Programming: Deadline May 31st

Semantic Methods in Genetic Programming
A workshop at 13th International Conference on
Parallel Problem Solving from Nature
September 13-17, 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Jo┼żef Stefan Institute

Call for Papers

There's *just over one month left* (31 May 2014) to get your extended
abstracts (max 2 pages) ready for the Semantic Methods in Genetic
Programming Workshop to be held at PPSN in September.

In the last few years a rising topic in GP has been the use of semantic
methods. The aim of this is to provide a way of exploring the
input-output behaviour of programs, which is ultimately what matters for
problem solving. This contrasts with much previous work in GP, where
operators transform the program code and the effect on program behaviour
is indirect. This new approach has produced substantially better results
on a number of problems, both benchmark problems and real-world
applications in areas such as pharmacy; and, has been grounded in a body
of theory, which also informs algorithm design.

The main goal of the workshop is to foster discussions rather than
present finished work. In tradition with the PPSN workshops, the
extended abstracts are not published in the conference proceedings.
However, the organisers will make both abstracts and slides available
online on the workshop webpage. The workshop is associated with a
Special Issue of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines Journal by
Springer, and provides an opportunity to have an open discussion and
receive feedback in preparation for submission to that special issue.

Scope: All aspects of research related to semantic aspects in GP will be
considered, including:
- analysis and design of GP algorithms involving phenotypes/behaviours
of programs,
- design of problem-specific semantic-aware representations and operators,
- the use of formal semantic-related methods in GP.

This is an ideal opportunity to get some feedback on work in progress,
which you might be considering to submit to the Special Issue of Genetic
Programming & Evolvable Machines on Semantic Methods in GP. Please note
the submission deadline of 19 December 2014 for journal articles.

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