Monday, April 27, 2015

[DMANET] AGT@IJCAI 2015: deadline extended to May 4

Due to popular demand, the deadline of the 1st Workshop on Algorithmic
Game Theory at IJCAI ( has been
extended to May 4.

Submission site is now open at

We remind that there will be no formal publication of workshop
proceedings (but the chance to be selected for a free of charge
publication in a special issue of the peer-reviewed, open-access
journal "Games") . Submissions of preliminary work and papers to be
submitted or in preparation for submission to other major venues in
the field are welcomed.

Papers published recently in top AI conferences (such as AAMAS15 and
AAAI15) can be submitted, and will be added to the program based on
available space and relevance. Authors of relevant main track IJCAI
papers will get an opportunity to advertise their talk in a special
lightning session (no need to submit, just tell us if you are
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