Thursday, April 9, 2015

[DMANET] The legacy of Paul Erdos - Summer School in Mathematics, June 8-12, Budapest

Second Announcement

The Institute of Mathematics of the Eotvos University Budapest is
organizing a summer school between June 8-12 entitled "The legacy of
Paul Erdos".

There will be 7 courses, 2x90 minutes each:

- Erdos-Renyi random graphs and related stochastic processes
- Graphical degree sequences
- Fractal dimensions
- Problems in combinatorial number theory
- Random walks and random graphs
- Ramsey theory
- Happy ending problem, its background and related problems

The early bird registration closes on April 30!

For details, see:

Kristof Berczi
Egervary Research Group
Eotvos university, Budapest
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