Friday, February 23, 2018

[DMANET] 18-months research position - University of Pisa (Italy)

Please circulate to Master's Graduates, Ph.D. Students and Postdocs:

Dear colleagues,

We are looking to recruit one research fellow.  We would be grateful if
you could forward this message to relevant students and postdocs.

We currently have a large ongoing project funded by the Italian Ministry
for Education, University and Research (MIUR):  Project MIUR-SIR (2014)
Combinatorial methods for analysis and compression of biological sequences.
The aim of this project is to develop research in the area of Data
Compression and Sequence Analysis by using methods from Combinatorics on
Words (for instance, Burrows-Wheeler transform-based techniques) and by
developing algorithms and data structures for the treatment of strings
(indexes, queries, analyses, etc.), mainly regarding datasets from
'next-generation' sequencing technologies (NGS), either second or third
generation technologies, or other emerging long-range genomic
information technologies.

Please find below a summary of the call.

Thanks a lot in advance,

University of Pisa (Italy): 18-months research position

A 18-month research position is available in the Department of Computer
Science at the University of Pisa.

Research program:
"Analysis of biological sequences and alignment-free methods for
sequence comparison"

Research areas include (but are not limited to):
- string algorithms,
- text indexing for big data,
- indexes for approximate pattern matching,
- text compression and compressed text indexing,
- external memory indexes,
- space efficient data structures, and
- shared memory parallel computing.

* Application deadline: 3rd March 2018
* Potential starting dates: April 2018
* Duration: 18 months
* Expected qualification: Master's Degree or PhD.

The overall annual amount of the grant, including all contributions is €
23.611,79 for those having health cover in addition to INPS (social
security); and € 25.000,00 for those without any further health cover
other than INPS.

Candidates with expertise in NGS bioinformatics, string/parallel
algorithms, combinatorics and/or software development are strongly
encouraged to apply.

For more details on the job description and how to apply, please find
the official competition call (both in Italian and English languages):

For more details on the position please contact Giovanna Rosone at

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