Wednesday, February 28, 2018

[DMANET] PhD or Postdoc positions at the Technical University of Munich

The Department of Informatics at the Technical University of Munich
(Germany) is looking for Postdoc or PhD students working on mathematical
optimization and market design led by Prof. Martin Bichler

Market design uses mathematical optimization, economic theory, and
experiments to design market rules and institutions. Examples involve
the design of spectrum auction markets, environmental markets, energy,
procurement and logistics markets. Candidates should have a strong
background in mathematical optimization and an interest in topics such
as algorithm design, game theory, approximation, discrete convexity and
related applications.

Applicants for the PhD position should hold a Master's degree in
computer science, operations research and management science, or
mathematics and may obtain a PhD degree in computer science. Applicants
for the Postdoc position should hold a PhD degree in one of the
mentioned disciplines.

Prospective candidates will assist in teaching courses of the group
( Salary (for both PhD students and Postdocs) is
according to German tariff E13. The position is available for an initial
period of 2 years, but may be extended.

Applications should be submitted by email to bichler "at"
using the subject line "Application".

Please enclose a curriculum vitae including a complete list of
publications and a sample publication (e.g., a Master's thesis).

The submission deadline is MARCH 21, 2018.
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