Thursday, July 26, 2018

CATCS Newsletter

Here's an update on some of CATCS's recent activities, along with links to useful resources maintained at TheoryMatters:

1. David Woodruff compiled a list of major awards that are relevant to the
   theoretical computer science community.  Included is a brief
   description of each, a link to the nomination instructions, and
   examples of researchers from TCS and related fields that won the award
   in the past.  See

2. Shuchi Chawla is leading an effort to improve the quality of TCS
   entries on Wikipedia.  She has put together an advice document for
   researchers who want to help and a spreadsheet where you can contribute
   suggestions for entries to be created or improved.  See

3. Ryan O'Donnell collected advice on writing papers for general
   scientific venues like Science, Nature, and PNAS, from a number of TCS
   researchers who have successfully published in these venues in the
   past.  See

4. An oldie but a goodie: examples of successful TCS NSF Career proposals.

See and the affiated sites and for still more resources.

Don't forget that this year's TheoryFest is also the 50th anniversary of STOC!  (Happening June 25-29, in Los Angeles.)  See for details.

Finally, I always welcome your suggestions for future CATCS projects.


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