Tuesday, July 31, 2018

[DMANET] Call for Participation: WENDY - Workshop on Emergent Algorithms and Network Dynamics (Paris, October 10-11)

Call for Participation

Workshop on Emergent Algorithms
and Network Dynamics


Institut Henri-Poincaré, Paris, France
October 10-11, 2018

The goal of WENDY is to promote the exchange of ideas between researchers working on distributed computing theory, modeling random structures, and discrete dynamical systems. Central topics include:

Evolving graph models and dynamics on random graphs
Programming local interaction dynamics on networks
Coordination and consensus of agents in a network
Markovian and non-Markovian processes on networks.

Invited speakers:

Dana Randall (Georgia Tech)
Vincenzo Bonifaci (Rome, IASI-CNR)
Alfonso Jaramillo (Warwick, Jaramillo Lab)
Thomas Sauerwald (Cambridge)
Colin Cooper (London, King's College)
Romain Couillet (Grenoble, GIPSA-LAB)
Benjamin Doerr (Paris Saclay, LIX - Ecole Polytechnique)
Nicolas Behr (Paris, IRIF - CNRS, Paris Diderot)
Amos Korman (Paris, IRIF - CNRS, Paris Diderot)
Florent Krzakala (Paris, LPS - ENS)
Laurent Massoulie (Paris, Microsoft Research - Inria)
Nastassia Pouradier Duteil (Paris Dauphine University)
Guilhem Semerjian (Paris, LPT - ENS)
Damien Woods (Paris, Inria)

The talks will focus on fundamental research, with motivation ranging from applications in Computations using biological agents, Chemical reaction networks, Programmable materials, to Neuromorphic computing. The detailed schedule of talks will be announced in early September.

The workshop will be held in Paris in October, during a period rich in events which may be of interest to the broader algorithms community: the FOCS conference with its accompanying workshops, FILOFOCS workshop, French algorithms days GT CoA,...


is free but mandatory. Please fill the form provided on the workshop website.


Matthias Függer, LSV
Adrian Kosowski, IRIF and Inria Paris (chair)
Thomas Nowak, LRI
Justin Salez, LPSM

Supported by: Inria, RFSI, ANR, IRIF - CNRS and Paris Diderot University.

For any questions, please write to <contact@wendy.paris> or <adrian.kosowski@inria.fr>.


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