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[DMANET] [CFP][Deadline Extended] AAIM 2018 and SIs of Theoretical Computer Science and Journal of Global Optimization

AAIM 2018: 12th International Conference on Algorithmic Aspects of
Information and Management
Dallas, TX, United States, December 3-4, 2018

AAIM 2018 is the Twelfth International Conference on Algorithmic Aspects of
Information and Management ( It will
provide a focused forum on current trends of research on algorithms,
discrete structures, and their applications, and will bring together
international experts at the research frontiers in these areas to exchange
ideas and to present significant new results.

The mission of the conference is to stimulate the various fields for which
algorithmics can become a crucial enabler, and to strengthen the ties
between the Eastern and Western research communities of algorithmics and

Accepted papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings published in
Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. Selected high quality
papers will be invited to publish in special issues of
<>*Journal of Global Optimization*
<> *(CCF ranking: B; 中科院JCR期刊分区: 2区)*
, *Theoretical Computer Science
<>* *(CCF
ranking: B)* and *Journal of Combinatorial Optimization

Submission Guidelines

Interesting new results in all areas of algorithmics, operation research
and combinatorial optimization and their applications are welcome. In
addition to theoretical work, we are also interested in results that report
on experimental and applied research of general algorithmic interest.
Special considerations will be given to algorithmic research that is
motivated by real-world applications. Experimental and applied papers are
expected to show convincingly the usefulness and efficiency of the target
algorithms in practical settings.

Typical, but not exclusive, topics of interest include:

- Algorithms and data structures;
- Algorithmic game theory and incentive analysis;
- Approximation algorithms and online algorithms;
- Automata, languages, logic, and computability;
- Bioinformatics, computational biology and medicine, and biomedical
- Biomedical imaging algorithms;
- Combinatorial optimization;
- Combinatorics and discrete structures related to algorithms and
- Communication networks and optimization;
- Complexity theory;
- Computational algebra, geometry, number theory, and statistics;
- Computational learning theory, knowledge discovery, and data mining;
- Cryptography, reliability, and security;
- Database theory, large databases, and natural language processing;
- Experimental algorithmic methodologies;
- Geometric information processing and communication;
- Graph algorithms and theory;
- Graph drawing and information visualization;
- Internet algorithms and protocols;
- Large graph algorithms and social network analysis;
- Optimization algorithms in economic and operations research;
- Parallel and distributed computing and multicore algorithms;
- Parameterized algorithms, heuristics, and analysis;
- Pattern recognition algorithms;
- Trustworthy algorithms and trustworthy software.

The submission deadline is extended to July 30th, 2018 (anywhere on Earth).
AAIM'2018 will only accept electronic (PS or PDF) submissions via the
submission website (

Organizing committee

General Chairs: Ding-Zhu Du (University of Texas at Dallas), David Woodruff
(University of California, Davis)
TPC Chairs: Shaojie Tang (University of Texas at Dallas), Sergiy Butenko
(Texas A&M University)

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