Friday, July 27, 2018

[DMANET] PhD program in Engineering - Operations Research and Logistics


● Name of the company * : SANOFI
● City and zip code * : AMILLY 45200, France
● Name of the partner academic laboratory (so already known): LIFAT Université de Tours .
● Code of the laboratory: EA 6300, ERL CNRS 7002.
● Title of research theme (without any confidential character) * : Optimization of order preparation within the logistics platform by a dynamic approach
● Description of the theme of research (without any confidential character) * :
The Amilly Sanofi platform is organized into 4 customer order preparation lines characterized by different dynamics and granularities. The objective of the work is to carry out a planning of the order preparation so as to satisfy the schedules of the delivery trucks; some orders are known from the beginning of the day while others will appear in the order book as the day progresses. The main constraint is that it is necessary to regroup at the end of the factory and in the same truck trailer, the different cartons constituting a single order.
The initial work will focus on improving the replenishment of lines so as to avoid risks due to lack of a type of medication and by optimizing distribution rules and planning at the level of preparation lines.
● Description of job * :
The position created for this project is a research engineer position whose work must bring a step back on the organization of the preparation site.
● Date of recruitment * : October the 1 th 2018.
● E-mail addresses to which the applicant should send his/her application * :
Humez, Bich-Phuong (SAF) /FR
Et Patrick MAS
● Main Research Field * :

 Computer science
 Engineering
 Information science
 Mathematics
 Technology

● Function * : .Research Engineer.
● Research Profile * : .Master / Engineer degree in computer sciences.

Patrick Martineau
Professeur des Universités, Responsable Relations Entreprises
Département Informatique de Polytech Tours
Laboratoire d'Informatique ERL CNRS 7002
64 av. Jean Portalis
F-37200 Tours
Tél : +33 (0)2 47 36 11 26
Fax : +33 (0)2 47 36 14 22

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