Friday, July 19, 2019

[DMANET] Call for Participation: Advances in Reoptimization and Dynamic Algorithms 2019

Advances in Reoptimization and Dynamic Algorithms
ARDA 2019 — Satellite workshop of MFCS 2019 at RWTH Aachen on August 30, 2019


The registration is possible through the MFCS 2019 webpage and does not require registration for MFCS.


Session 1: Reoptimization

14:00 Tobias Mömke: Robustness in reoptimization
14:30 Davide Bilò: New algorithms for Steiner tree reoptimization
14:55 Hans-Joachim Böckenhauer, Elisabet Burjons Pujol, Martin Raszyk, and Peter Rossmanith: Reoptimization of parameterized problems

Session 2: Dynamic Algorithms and Neighborly Help

15:45 Josh Alman, Matthias Mnich, and Virginia Vassilevska Williams: Dynamic parameterized problems and algorithms
16:10 Fabian Frei and Rodrigo Ronald Gumucio Escobar: Makespan scheduling with neighborly help
16:35 Faisal Abu-Khzam, Cristina Bazgan, and Henning Fernau: Dynamic variants of red-blue dominating set
17:00 Davide Bilò: The All-Best-Swap-Edge problem on tree spanners

Session 3: Reconfiguration and Temporal Graphs

17:45 Till Fluschnik, Rolf Niedermeier, Valentin Rohm, and Philipp Zschoche: Multistage vertex cover
18:10 Thomas Erlebach, Frank Kammer, Kelin Luo, Andrej Sajenko, and Jakob Spooner: Two moves per time step make a difference
18:35 Dennis Fischer and Janosch Fuchs: Color reconfiguration with token swapping


* Faisal Abu-Khzam (Lebanese American University Beirut)
* Davide Bilò (University of Sassari)
* Hans-Joachim Böckenhauer (ETH Zürich, co-chair)
* Thomas Erlebach (University of Leicester)
* Henning Fernau (University of Trier)
* Dennis Komm (ETH Zürich, co-chair)
* Matthias Mnich (University of Bonn)
* Tobias Mömke (Saarland University)
* Rolf Niedermeier (Technical University of Berlin)
* Vangelis Paschos (University Paris-Dauphine)
* Hadas Shachnai (Technion)
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