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[DMANET] Call for Papers: Special Issue on “Recent Advances in Lot Sizing”

Pesquisa Operacional – *ISSN 0101-7438 (Printed version) / ISSN 1678-5142 (Online version)
Special Issue on "Recent Advances in Lot Sizing"

Production planning seeks to efficiently plan the production activities as well as the acquisition of the raw materials and resources required to transform raw materials into finished products in order to meet customer demand in the most economical way possible. The decisions to be made include but are not limited to work force levels, production lot sizes and the sequencing of production runs, while the ultimate aim is to determine the optimal timing and level of production.

Lot sizing problems are clearly present in many industrial contexts, and in spite of being studied for more than 60 years, the community still faces many challenges in the field, ranging from modeling paradigms to the design and experimental evaluation of efficient methods and algorithms. In view of its importance and applicability, this special issue of Pesquisa Operacional aims to invite researchers to submit original unpublished works, reviews, and case studies demonstrating recent advances in lot sizing. Topics include, but are not limited to:
• new approaches for classical problems;
• relevant new problems, such as remanufacturing, green supply chains, flexibility;
• integration of lot sizing with other problems such as scheduling, cutting stock, distribution or vehicle routing;
• presentation of industrial case studies;

Contributions may cover exact methods, relaxation, decomposition and lower bounding schemes, approximate methods, heuristics and metaheuristics, hybrid methods, simulation, big data, and integrated models arising from real-world situations as well.

– Instructions to authors:

– Deadline:
• Manuscript Submission Deadline: January 31, 2020
• Decision Notification: July 2020
• Publication Date: December 2020

Inquiries should be sent directly to any of the Guest Editors in charge of this issue.
– Guest Editors:
• Kerem Akartunali, University of Strathclyde, UK (;
• Maristela O. dos Santos, Universidade de São Paulo-USP, Brazil (
• Raf Jans, HEC/Montreal, Canada (;
• Silvio A. de Araujo, Universidade Estadual Paulista-UNESP, Brazil (;

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