Wednesday, August 7, 2019

[DMANET] The Vice-Chancellor's Higher Degree by Research Training Scholarships

Dear All,

Perhaps you can forward this email through your own networks to interested individuals.

I am looking for a talented and ambitious candidate for a PhD scholarship to work under my
supervision at The University of Newcastle, Australia.

I am looking for bright students who have already completed a MSc. by Research Thesis and who
would be willing to do a PhD in Computer Science with emphasis in Artificial Intelligence,
Memetic Algorithms, Parameterized Complexity and/or Symbolic Regression with a strong emphasis in Discrete Applied Mathematics.

The deadline for this application is Sep. 1st, 2019. Interested applicants should contact me well before that date to discuss a possible project proposal.
Details about this great opportunity are available here:

Topics of interest may include research that is spin off of some of our current publications, for instance:

Machine Teaching

Target Curricula via Selection of Minimum Feature Sets: a Case Study in Boolean Networks

Separating sets of strings by finding matching patterns is almost always hard
Theoretical Computer Science 665 (2017) 73-86.

Data Science

Business and Consumer Analytics

Symbolic Regression

Symbolic Regression Modeling of Drug Responses

A Memetic Algorithm for Symbolic Regression
(soon available via IEEE Explore)

Other problems domains of Discrete Applied Mathematics and Computer Science may be of interest as well.

Candidate experience in Teaching is also valued and during the period in Newcastle there would be further training offered.

Many thanks for your sure help,

Prof. Pablo Moscato

"Multi famam, conscientiam pauci verentur."

 I acknowledge the Awabakal people as the traditional custodians of the land on which I work and live. I stand for equity and diversity and have taken the UON Gender Equality Leadership Pledge

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