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[DMANET] IEEE Transactions on ITS: Special issue on "Advances in Smart and Green Transportation for Smart Cities"

*IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems*

*Call for papers for Special Issue on*

*"Advances in Smart and Green Transportation for Smart Cities"*

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According to a recent UN report, continuing population growth and
urbanization are expected to increase world's urban population by 2.5
billion people and 2.9 billion vehicles by 2050. This massive growth in
both population and number of vehicles, together with urban
transformation and a trend towards mega cities, creates greater and more
challenges for achieving smart transportation goals in smart cities.
Therefore, new and more integrated modes of transportation, and
*environment friendly* solutions are required to accommodate the rising
demands of high liveability in smarter cities that offer safe, secure,
affordable, reliable and sustainable transportation in old and new
markets alike.

Road transportationaccounts for more than one-fifth of the world's total
CO2 emissions, the main greenhouse gas, from fossil fuel combustion,
placing itself as a major contributor to global climate change.
Moreover, the anticipated unprecedented increase in number of vehicles
makes transportation a main target for reducing air pollution and
achieving sustainable environment. All this incite public authorities
and governments to devise new policies to reduce CO2 emissions by
promoting public and green transport choices, supporting the private
sector for inventing innovative modes of transport and stimulating a
move towards cleaner and lower carbon vehicles. This ultimately leads to
*Green Transportation*, which means any eco-friendly transport practice
or vehicle that does not have any negative impact on the environment.

Within a Smart City, *smart and green* mobility has to be intended as
the way in which citizens access and explore the city using *advanced
and eco-friendly* transport modes. This implies being aware of the
available mobility resources (public transports, parking facilities,
bike lanes, ride sharing) and of their real value (in term of cost,
time, carbon emissions, health), but also having an easy and efficient
access to city services and events as well as a simple and unified
access to transport payments. Supporting such an inter-connected,
heterogeneous and dynamic transport system with *lower or no
environmental impact *requires the adoption of innovative and
sophisticated solutions from traffic management centers and city
administration to control the mobility resources and policies and to
proactively enhance them.

This special issue aims at publishing novel contributions presenting
services, applications and solutions that help in reducing carbon
emissions for any road transport mode or facilitate access and use of
modern and greener transport modes.

Suitable topics for this special issue include, but are not limited to:

* Congestion management and cooperative mobility applications
* Parking and electric vehicle charging applications
* Traffic information systems, traffic management, tolling, and
routing applications
* Public transport, traveler information, walking, biking, and
multimodal integration applications
* Carpooling, car sharing, on-demand taxi applications for greener
* Mobility as a service and single ticketing solutions
* Commercial vehicles, freight, and cargo management applications for
reduced carbon emissions
* Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication modes
for green transportation
* Simulation and modelling of smart and green transportation
* Electric and hybrid vehicles
* Transportation electrification
* Green transport practice and planning
* Emissions, noise, environment
* Environmental, pollution, and noise protection aspects of smart
* Participation and gamification Techniques for
Carbon-low/Energy-efficient Mobility Behaviors
* Vehicles emission and environmental impact
* Novel application for Cyclists, Bike sharing, Car sharing, freight
* New Eco-driving protocols and applications
* Policies and standards for green transportation
* Synergies and Data Sharing for Smart and Green Transportation
* Safety Systems and Safety Aspects of Smart and Green Transportation
* Security and Privacy of Smart and Green Transportation
* Projects and Field Operational Tests

*_Important dates:_*

*First submission deadline*:***April 30, 2017.*

*Notification of first decision*: July 15, 2017.

*First revision submission deadline*: September 15, 2017.

*Notification of final decision*: November 15, 2017.

*Final manuscript submission deadline*: December 15, 2017.

*Issue of Publication*: March 2018


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*Dr. Soufiene Djahel*

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*Dr.Christoph Sommer*

University of Paderborn, Germany <>

*Dr. Annapaola Marconi*

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