Friday, April 21, 2017

[DMANET] Postdoctoral position at the University of Warwick

A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position in the area of the algorithmic
game theory
is available for three years. The start date can be negotiated for the
right candidate.

The position is in connection with an EPSRC research grant of Dr Marcin
Jurdzinski and Dr Ranko Lazic on solving parity games in theory and
practice. Parity games are an intriguing problem class, because they are
simple to state and have proven to be resistant to countless attempts to
classify their complexity. At the same time, algorithms for solving parity
games play a paramount role in model checking, satisfiability checking, and
synthesis. The main objective of the post is to pursue cutting-edge
research on algorithms and solvers for parity games, as well as mean
payoff, discounted payoff, and simple stochastic games.

You will have a strong background in theoretical computer science, with a
specialisation in algorithmic game theory, automata theory or model
checking. You will have (or expect to obtain shortly) a PhD in the relevant
area. You should provide with your application form a CV, including a list
of publications, a research statement, and a short statement highlighting
your suitability for this post.

You will be formally based in the Department of Computer Science at the
University of Warwick, and you will be associated with the Centre for
Discrete Mathematics and its Applications and the Division of Theory and
Foundations at the University of Warwick. The project will be collaborative
with Dr Sven Schewe, Dr John Fearnley and Dr Dominik Wojtczak at the
University of Liverpool.

The closing date for applying is 1 May 2017. Please see the full
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