Saturday, February 18, 2023

[DMANET] 1 PhD Position in Algorithms/Theory (Augusta University)

Dear all,

We are looking for one PhD student with a strong interest in algorithms and distributed computing.

Location: School of Computer & Cyber Sciences, Augusta University, Georgia, USA

Starting Date: Fall 2023

Application Deadline: March 1

## Research Topic

The research will focus on the theoretical foundations of distributed computing, with the overarching goal of designing algorithms that are communication- and time-efficient. Obtaining such algorithms is important for several application domains. One possible research direction is to come up with new distributed algorithms that solve fundamental graph problems on massive data sets. Another possibility is to focus on achieving fault-tolerance in adversarial settings (Byzantine failures, dynamic changes, etc.) and to design new scalable consensus algorithms that are useful in the context of blockchains.

## Expected Background

* Having a strong background in algorithms, theoretical computer science, or discrete mathematics is essential.

* Being familiar with distributed computing is helpful but not required.

* For concrete examples of the research that will be expected, please take a look at the publications here:

## Interested?

The successful candidate will be supervised by Assoc.Prof. Peter Robinson.

You can find more information about the doctoral program here:

Please get in touch with me ( ) to discuss your application. The admission window for Fall 2023 is closing very soon.

Peter Robinson

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