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[DMANET] DEON Seminar Series Winter Edition: Hein Duijf – March 03

*DEON Seminar Series Winter Edition: Hein Duijf *

*– March 03*

The Society of Deontic Logic and Normative Systems (DEON) has launched
a seasonal online seminar series designed to promote interdisciplinary
cooperation amongst scholars interested in linking the formal-logical study
of normative concepts, normative language, and normative systems with
computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy,
organization theory, and law. We view the seminar series as an opportunity
to keep in touch with the DEON community and listen in or contribute to
presentations and informal discussions on ongoing work. Everyone who is
interested in this wonderful area and its questions is welcome.

We are happy to announce that our speaker for the DEON winter seminar will

*Hein Duijf *

*(Utrecht University)*

*Responsibility voids and collective obligations*

*Societal challenges such as the widespread integration of black-box
algorithms and climate change demonstrate that allocating moral
responsibility is often difficult or impossible. In complex collective
decision processes that involve several stages and multiple
decision-makers, it will not always be clear who exactly contributes what
and who can be held morally responsible for the final outcome. In the
literatures on the ethics of technology and on corporate and group agency,
the threat of responsibility voids or gaps is of central importance. A
responsibility void obtains if a morally undesirable outcome or decision
results from the interaction of several individuals even though none of
these individuals can be held responsible for it. In this talk, I will
present recent and new research on responsibility voids and collective
obligations. The basic underlying framework draws on deontic logic and game
and decision theory. The main results indicate that statements about
collective obligations cannot be nomologically reduced to any statement in
a well-established deontic logic of agency that models every combination of
actions, omissions, abilities, and obligations of finitely many individual

Date and time: *March 03, 2pm – 3:30pm CEST*

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Meeting ID: 892 8700 4976

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We hope to see you on the 3rd of March!

Ilaria Canavotto, Huimin Dong, and Réka Markovich

DEON Seminar Series organizers

======== Guidelines of Participation =========

1) Please MUTE your microphone during the talk and during the Q&A unless
you have been called on to ask a question. (And please do not ask questions
or follow-ups in the Q&A unless you've been called on – i.e., no

2) If you would like to ask a question during the Q&A, please use the
"raise hand" tool on Zoom.

3) Please frame your questions in a constructive and collegial spirit!

Many thanks in advance!

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