Thursday, February 23, 2023

[DMANET] Day on Computational Game Theory: Registration Open

Dear colleagues,

we would like to invite you to the

13th Day(s) on Computational Game Theory,

to be held on

June 15-16, 2023, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

It is a two-day scientific meeting and the follow up to the 12th Day
on Computational Game Theory which was held at the University of

The workshop will bring together researchers in Mathematics, Computer
Science, Operations Research and Economics, who are interested in
algorithmic or computational aspects of game theory, social choice and
related areas. It provides an opportunity to foster collaboration,
present research and exchange ideas in an informal and relaxed

Invited speakers are

Edith Elkind, University of Oxford, United Kingdom,


Neil Olver, London School of Economics and Political Science,
United Kingdom.


The website of the workshop is available at There you will find
all available information and a registration form to participate. If
you are interested in giving a talk, we will collect that information
later. We appreciate early registrations for organisational purposes.

There is a registration fee of €50 for registrations and payments
until May 31st, with a full refund for cancellations before that date.
Afterwards, the fee will increase to €60 and we cannot provide a
refund anymore.

There will be room for contributed talks and we strongly encourage PhD
students and young researchers to present their recent results or
ongoing research.

We hope to see you in Amsterdam!
Tim Oosterwijk (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

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