Wednesday, February 8, 2023

[DMANET] BCCA 2023: Fifth International Conference on Blockchain Computing and Applications, Kuwait City, Kuwait


*(*BCCA 2023*)*

in Conjunction with


24–26 October, 2023 – Kuwait City, Kuwait

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology in decentralized systems that
enables secure decentralized transaction processing while ensuring data
privacy and authenticity. It is now playing a significant role in several
areas such the Internet of Things, supply-chain management, manufacturing,
cyber-physical systems, healthcare systems, and much more. Unlike
centralized transaction processing solutions, blockchain uses a distributed
ledger mechanism to record data transactions on multiple devices, this will
prevent data breach, identity theft, and a plethora of cyber-related
attacks, in essence, leading to a sustainability in data privacy and
security. This conference aims at to attract work of both researchers and
practitioners in the area of cyber-security to share and exchange their
experiences and research studies in both academia and industry in the field
of blockchain.

Researchers are encouraged to submit original research contributions in all
major areas, which include, but not limited to:

- *Track 01: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning*
- Blockchain based artificial Intelligent Systems applications in
Computers and Communications
- Blockchain based AI and Robotics Technologies
- Blockchain based AI and cloud computing
- Blockchain based Economic paradigms and game theory
- Blockchain based Machine and Deep Learning of Knowledge
- Blockchain based Distributed Knowledge and Processing
- Blockchain based Humans-Agents Interactions / Human-Robot
- *Track 02: IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems*
- Blockchain-based IoT Applications and Services
- Blockchain-based security for the Internet of Things and
cyber-physical systems
- Blockchain-based Internet of Things architectures and protocols
- Blockchain in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
- Blockchain-based application in Intelligent Manufacturing:
Industrial Internet of Things,
- Blockchain and Secure Critical Infrastructure with Industry 4.0
- Intelligent manufacture and management
- Consensus and mining algorithms suited for resource-limited IoTs
- Blockchain-based Controlled mobility and QoS
- Blockchain-based energy optimization techniques in WSN
- Blockchain-based Software defined networks
- *Track 03: Big Data*
- Blockchain in Data Fusion
- Blockchain Analytics and Data mining
- Distributed data store for blockchain
- Distributed transaction for blockchain
- Blockchain based Data Science and Data Engineering
- Protocols for management and access using blockchains
- Blockchain architectures tailored for domain-specific applications
- *Track 04: Security and Privacy on the Blockchain*
- Authentication and authorization in Blockchain
- Applications of blockchain technologies in digital forensic
- Privacy aspects of blockchain technologies
- Blockchain-based threat intelligence and threat analytics techniques
- Blockchain-based open-source tools
- Forensics readiness of blockchain technologies
- Blockchain Attacks on Existing Systems
- Blockchain Consensus Algorithms
- Blockchain-based Intrusion Detection/Prevention
- Security and Privacy in Blockchain and Critical Infrastructure
- Attacks on Blockchain and Critical Infrastructure
- Blockchain and Secure Critical Infrastructure with Smart Grid
- *Track 05: Metaverse and Digital Twin*
- Blockchain in the metaverse
- Blockchain in the digital twin
- NFT Applications and protocols
- Edge computing for Internet of Metaverse
- Network security of the metaverse
- Digital twin and Metaverse privacy
- Consensus and mining algorithms suited for the metaverse
- Blockchain-based Controlled mobility and QoS in the metaverse
- Cybersecurity in the metaverse
- *Track 06: Blockchain Research & Applications for Innovative Networks
and Services*
- State-of-the-art of the Blockchain technology and cybersecurity
- Blockchain-based security solutions of smart cities infrastructures
- Blockchain in connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) and ITS)
- Blockchain Technologies and Methodologies
- Recent development and emerging trends Blockchain
- New models, practical solutions and technological advances related
to Blockchain
- Theory of Blockchain in Cybersecurity
- Applications of blockchain technologies in computer & hardware
- Implementation challenges facing blockchain technologies
- Blockchain in social networking
- Performance metric design, modeling and evaluation of blockchain
- Network and computing optimization in blockchains
- Experimental prototyping and testbeds for blockchains

*Submission Guidelines*

There are three categories of submission:

- *Long papers:* 7-8 pages. Overlength papers will be rejected without
- *Short papers:* 5-6 pages.
- *Positioning papers:* 3-4 pages.

*Submission Link: *

*Important dates*

*Full paper Important Dates:*

- Paper submission deadline : March 15th,2023,
- Notification of paper acceptance: May 31st, 2023
- Submission of camera-ready papers due: October 1st, 2023

*Tutorials/Demos Important dates:*

- Tutorial Proposal Submission Deadline: April 1st, 2023
- Notification of acceptance: June 10th, 2023

*Organizing Committee*

*General Co-Chair*

- Khalid Al-Begain, KCST, Kuwait
- Moayad Aloqaily, MBZUAI, UAE

*Program Co-Chairs*

- Ismaeel AlRidhawi, KCST, Kuwait
- Antonella Guzzo, University of Calabria, Italy
- Keping Yu, Hosei University, Japan

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