Wednesday, February 22, 2023

[DMANET] Post doc position in algorithms and/or theory of machine learning

A post doc position in algorithms and/or theoretical aspects of machine learning is
available. The post doc is under the supervision of Professor Kasper Green Larsen, Aarhus
University, Denmark. The focus of the research project may be on
topics such as dimensionality reduction, sketching, and/or learning
theoretic questions, depending on the candidate's background.

The candidate is expected to work on theoretical research questions within the
above focus areas. The research is carried out in collaboration with
Kasper as well as Ph.D. students and post docs in the group. The
candidate is expected to have a strong theoretical background
to carry out proofs independently or with minor guidance. It is not
expected that the candidate will do implementations, however, if the
candidate wishes to do so, and it is natural in the project, then
implementation work is most welcome. In addition to research, there
may be minor teaching activities, such as presenting at seminars in
the research group or guiding Ph.D. students in joint projects.

Candidates must have expertise in theoretical computer science
and/or machine learning. Publications at top venues in
TCS, such as STOC, FOCS, SODA, ICALP or top ML venues such as ICML and
NeurIPS are appreciated.

The daily work will be carried out in the Algorithms, Data Structures
and Foundations of Machine Learning group at Aarhus
University, Denmark. The group is headed by Kasper Green Larsen and
also includes faculty members Professor Gerth S. Brodal, Associate
Professor Peyman Afshani and Assistant Professor Chris
Schwiegelshohn as well as Ph.D. students and post docs. The group also
closely collaborates with the Game Theory and Complexity group
consisting of faculty members Prof. Iannis Caragiannis,
Assoc. Prof. Srikanth Srinivasan and Assoc. Prof. Kristoffer Arnsfelt
Hansen.The project is funded by a Sapere Aude grant from
the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

The position is available from June 1st, 2023 or a later
start date may be negotiated. The position is for 2 years.

The application deadline for the position is April 1st,
2023. Applicants should apply online via our recruitment system by
sending a letter of interest and a CV, as well as indicate at least
two names of references for recommendations using the following link:

Questions regarding the position should be directed to
Professor Kasper Green Larsen (<>)

The place of work will be Dept. of Computer Science, Aarhus
University, Aabogade 34, DK8200 Aarhus, Denmark.

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