Sunday, April 21, 2024

[DMANET] 3 year Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Phylogenetics at UNSW Sydney

Location: UNSW Sydney
Term: 3 years
Closing: May 20, 2024

I am recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to work with me on the mathematics of phylogenetic trees and networks. This is a fast-changing field and so the exact research program is likely to evolve, but is likely to include questions arising from bijections between trees and networks on the one hand, and partitions and covers of finite sets on the other. Likewise, the mathematics required for making progress can be diverse, but certainly capacity in discrete mathematics, especially combinatorics and graph theory, will be needed.

The role will suit someone who loves solving problems, floating speculative ideas, coming up with new questions and angles on problems, and finding solutions. It will suit someone who likes to collaborate but will also be happy to work independently at times due to my governance responsibilities.

To enquire informally about the role please email me. Applications need to go through the UNSW system as described in the official advertisement linked in the URL above.

Contact: Andrew Francis

Prof Andrew Francis, FAustMS
School of Mathematics and Statistics,
UNSW Sydney
(from May 6th 2024).

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