Tuesday, April 23, 2024

[DMANET] Postdoc position in Theoretical CS @ King's College London

## Postdoc position in Theoretical CS @ King's College London

A postdoctoral research position in theoretical computer science is
available at King's College London. The successful candidate will be
hosted by Hubie Chen and will be expected to work on topics related to the
themes of complexity, database theory, structural decomposition methods,
and logic. Research interest and experience in the following areas will be
valued: logic in computer science, database theory, finite model theory,
structural decomposition methods, term rewriting, and parameterized
complexity theory.

Key dates: the application deadline is June 6, 2024; it is hoped that the
successful applicant will start in or around October 2024, but there is
some flexibility concerning the start date. If the position is started in
October 2024, it can be held for 1.5+ years. The exact starting date and
duration can be set in a way that takes into account the successful
candidate's needs and schedule.

Informal enquiries and discussion are strongly encouraged prior to
application (e-mail contact: hubie.chen@kcl.ac.uk). To apply, please see:


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