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[DMANET] IEEE CSF 2024 - Call for Participation

CSF 2024 - Call for Participation

37th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium

July 8-12, 2024

*** Early registration deadline: June 14, 2024 ***

University of Twente
Enschede, The Netherlands

Registrations are now open for CSF 2024, 37th IEEE Computer Security
Foundations Symposium, which will take place between July 8-12 2024 at
the U Parkhotel, located in the campus of the University of Twente in
the Netherlands.

The Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF) is an annual
conference for researchers in computer security, to examine current
theories of security, the formal models that provide a context for those
theories, and techniques for verifying security. It was created in 1988
as a workshop of the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on
Security and Privacy, in response to a 1986 essay by Don Good entitled
"The Foundations of Computer Security—We Need Some." The meeting became
a "symposium" in 2007, along with a policy for open, increased
attendance. Over the past two decades, many seminal papers and
techniques have been presented first at CSF. For more details on the
history of the symposium, visit CSF's home.

The program includes papers, panels, and a poster session. Topics of
interest include access control, information flow, covert channels,
cryptographic protocols, database security, language-based security,
authorization and trust, verification techniques, integrity and
availability models, and broad discussions concerning the role of formal
methods in computer security and the nature of foundational research in
this area.


See for the
registration instructions and fees.

Registration link:

*** The early registration deadline is: June 14, 2024 ***


The conference will be held at the U Parkhotel, located in the campus of
the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.

See for further information
on how to reach the conference venue.


Rooms have been reserved at the following hotels:

- U Parkhotel (the conference venue)
- Intercity Hotel (located in the city center of Enschede)

Further information on room rates and how to book them are available at:




The list of accepted papers is available here:


- Kaitai Liang, TU Delft, The Netherlands
- Luca Mariot, University of Twente, The Netherlands


- Toby Murray, University of Melbourne, Australia
- Tamara Rezk, INRIA, France


- Toby Murray (PCC 2024-25)
- Tamara Rezk (PCC 2023-24)
- Stefano Calzavara (PCC 2022-23)
- David Naumann (PCC 2021-22)
- Ralf Kuesters (PCC 2020-21, Publicity Chair)
- Kaitai Liang (GC 2024)
- Luca Mariot (GC 2024)
- Ante Đerek (GC 2021-23)
- Tajana Ban Kirigin (GC 2021-23)
- Marco Guarnieri (Publication Chair)
- Luca Viganò (Finance Chair)
- TCSP Chair/TCSP Vice Chair
- Andrei Sabelfeld (member at large)
- Limin Jia (member at large)
- Catalin Hritcu (member at large)
- Matteo Maffei (SC chair)


- Mário Alvim (UFMG - Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)
- Timos Antonopoulos (Yale University)
- Arthur Azevedo de Amorim (Rochester Institute of Technology)
- Musard Balliu (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
- Tajana Ban Kirigin (Faculty of Mathematics, University of Rijeka)
- Sébastien Bardin (CEA LIST, Université Paris-Saclay)
- Lennart Beringer (Princeton University)
- Abhishek Bichhawat (IIT Gandhinagar)
- Roberto Blanco (Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy)
- Yinzhi Cao (Johns Hopkins University)
- Cas Cremers (CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security)
- Mads Dam (KTH)
- Lesly-Ann Daniel (KU Leuven)
- Stéphanie Delaune (Univ Rennes, CNRS, IRISA, France)
- Ante Derek (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
and Computing)
- Dominique Devriese (KU Leuven)
- Ni Ding (University of Melbourne)
- Dominic Duggan (Stevens Institute of Technology)
- Michael Emmi (Amazon Web Services)
- Matt Fredrikson (Carnegie Mellon University)
- Klaus v. Gleissenthall (VU Amsterdam )
- Benjamin Gregoire (INRIA)
- Chris Hawblitzel (Microsoft Research)
- Jana Hofmann (Microsoft Azure Research)
- Catalin Hritcu (MPI-SP)
- Justin Hsu (Cornell University)
- Marieke Huisman (University of Twente)
- Elisavet Kozyri (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
- Robert Künnemann (CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security)
- Steve Kremer (Inria Nancy)
- Peeter Laud (Cybernetica AS)
- Flaminia Luccio (University Ca' Foscari, Venice, Italy)
- Ning Luo (Northwestern University)
- Sergio Maffeis (Department of Computing, Imperial College London)
- Pasquale Malacaria (Queen Mary University of London)
- Piotr Mardziel (Independent)
- Andrea Marin (University Ca' Foscari of Venice)
- Sjouke Mauw (Sjouke Mauw)
- Catherine Meadows (NRL)
- Scott Moore (Galois, Inc.)
- Carroll Morgan (UNSW and Trustworthy Systems)
- Greg Morrisett (Cornell Tech)
- Sebastian Mödersheim (DTU - Technical University of Denmark)
- Johannes Müller (University of Luxembourg)
- Sabine Oechsner (VU Amsterdam)
- Corina Pasareanu (NASA Ames, KBR, Carnegie Mellon University (CyLab))
- Marco Patrignani (University of Trento)
- Frank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University)
- Andrei Popescu (University of Sheffield. UK)
- Jonathan Protzenko (Microsoft Research)
- Aseem Rastogi (Microsoft Research)
- Xavier Rival (INRIA)
- Peter Y A Ryan (University of Luxembourg)
- Ralf Sasse (ETH Zurich)
- Clara Schneidewind (MPI-SP)
- Dominique Schröder (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
- Alley Stoughton (Boston University)
- Nikhil Swamy (Microsoft Research)
- Tachio Terauchi (Waseda University)
- Mayank Varia (Boston University)
- Kirsten Winter (Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia and
The University of Queensland, Australia)


- Catalin Hritcu (MPI-SP, Bochum, Germany) – Outgoing ToT Awards Chair
- David A. Naumann (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA) – Incoming ToT
Awards Chair
- David A. Basin (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
- Bruno Blanchet (Inria Paris, France)
- Véronique Cortier (CNRS, Nancy, France)
- Limin Jia (CMU, USA)
- Heiko Mantel (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
- Frank Piessens (KU Leuven, Belgium)
- David Sands (Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden)


- Toby Murray, University of Melbourne, Australia (program chair)
- Tamara Rezk, INRIA, France (program chair)
- Kaitai Liang, TU Delft, The Netherlands (general chair)
- Luca Mariot, University of Twente, The Netherlands (general chair)
- Luca Viganò, King's College London, UK (financial chair)
- Marco Guarnieri, IMDEA Software Institute, Spain (publication chair)
- Ralf Küsters, University of Stuttgart, Germany (publicity chair)
- Musard Balliu, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (workshop chair)
- Marina Krcek, TU Delft, The Netherlands (web chair)
- Marc Damie, University of Twente, The Netherlands (local organizer)
- Matteo Grella, University of Twente, The Netherlands (local organizer)
- Stefano Simonetto, University of Twente, The Netherlands (local organizer)


- Kaitai Liang (
- Luca Mariot (

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