Thursday, April 18, 2024

[DMANET] IEEE CSF 2024 Workshop on Security, Privacy and Information Theory, Protect-IT'24 - Call for Papers (deadline May 4, 2024)

IEEE CSF 2024 Workshop on Security, Privacy and Information Theory,
Protect-IT'24 is now accepting submissions.

The workshop will be held in parallel with IEEE CSF 2024 in Enschede,
Netherlands on July 8, 2024. For further details on the workshop and
submissions please kindly refer to the workshop webpage or to the
summary below.


Protect-IT targets to attract studies on security and privacy for
machine learning (ML) from an information-theoretic standpoint. Accuracy
and efficiency of ML systems are ensured by employing large datasets
which usually contain highly sensitive/personal information. This strong
dependence on personal information jeopardizes the privacy and security
of innocent Internet users who are contributing, knowingly or not, to
these online statistical datasets. Protect-IT aims to bring the typical
attendees of CSF, who have expertise on the theory of cryptography and
(algorithmic) fairness together with researchers on information theory
to study, develop, and evaluate privacy, security, and fairness attacks
against ML along with defense strategies to counter them.
We put information theory at the heart of this endeavor and call for
contributions grounded in information-theoretic concepts and principles,
aiming to enrich preliminary research efforts and to achieve widespread

We will have two invited sessions that will be held by Josep
Domingo-Ferrer from University of Rovira i Virgili and Jan Ramon from
INRIA, Lille. The workshop is currently planned as a full day event.


We welcome two types of submissions: extended abstracts and posters.
Extended abstracts must be at most 4 pages long excluding references and
adhere to the *CSF* *format*. We encourage submissions of work that is
new to the community of data privacy, security and information theory in
addition to submissions which are currently under review elsewhere or
recently published in privacy and security venues. The workshop will
*not* have formal proceedings, but authors of accepted abstracts can
choose to publish their work on the workshop's webpage or to provide a
link to arXiv.

All accepted papers have a slot at the poster session. Please print your
poster on size up to A0 (841 × 1189 mm) and bring it to the conference.

Submission deadline: May 04, 2024, 23:59 (Anywhere on Earth)
Notification of acceptance: June 04, 2024

More information may be found in the attached CFP flyer as well as on
the workshop's webpage.

Best regards,

Protect-IT'24 Organizers
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