Friday, April 3, 2015

[DMANET] Postdoc Position: URGENT

Please contact Jean-Marc Steyaert <>
directly for any query.

> LIX (Ecole Polytechnique, 91120 PALAISEAU) offers a Post-Doctoral position
> Period : 6 months + 6 months, starting NOW
> Contact : Prof. Jean-Marc Steyaert
> Prerequisites :
> Theoretical Computer Science, Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Software
> development, Security, etc.
> Good experience in programming and system interfaces: UML modeling,
> sequence diagrams, Java, C++
> Objectives :
> Implementation and Validation of a prototype of Water Supply Network Control.
> The prototype is based on a preliminary study made under the lead of CALM
> Water and CEA.
> The platform C2SOS on which the project will be developed is proprietary.
> The final environment will be defined by the Utility.
> The candidate will apply and adapt existing algorithms to on-line
> utility's data using the algorithms identified for incorporation into
> C2SOS from the initial off-line demonstration. It will leverage the
> existing C2SOS algorithms and adapt them to enable software depiction and
> scenarios simulations of water system anomalies, including leaks and
> non-specific bio-contamination, capturing operators' experience and using
> data driven hydraulic modelling. Server software configurations at the
> Utility will be mimicked to prove out the developed software adapters and
> to enable initial testing for data integration.
> The software and system configurations will be developed, applied and
> tested with existing server software configuration specifications provided
> by the utility. System architecture, data management, and server software
> configuration specifications will be jointly developed with or provided by
> the Utility.
> Reports will be delivered every 3 months.
> During the first month, the LIX's Post Doc will be trained, at the expense
> of CALM Water and with the support of CEA-LIST experts, as needed, on the
> existing decision support system components to be leveraged for the
> purpose of this demonstration.
> Then the work will be done under the supervision of J-M Steyaert.

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