Saturday, March 20, 2021

[DMANET] The 43rd Australasian Combinatorics Conference (43ACC)

The 43rd Australasian Combinatorics Conference (43ACC) will be held at The University of Melbourne, Australia, 13-17 December 2021.

ACC is the annual conference of the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia (CMSA), which was called the Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (ACCMCC) from 1989 to 2019. Past and future editions of this international conference can be found at

Researchers in any area of discrete mathematics and its applications are warmly invited to attend 43ACC and give talks. Contributed talks will be around 20 - 25 minutes in length including time for questions.

Invited speakers:
* Vida Dujmovic, University of Ottawa, Canada
* Rongquan Feng, Peking University, China
* Michael Giudici, The University of Western Australia, Australia
* Sarada Herke, The University of Queensland, Australia
* Mikhail Isaev, Monash University, Australia
* Daniel Kral', Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic
* Bojan Mohar, Simon Fraser University, Canada
* Jeroen Schillewaert, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
* Edwin van Dam, Tilburg University, Netherlands
* Nick Wormald, Monash University, Australia

Organising committee:
Malwina Luczak, Charl Ras, Lawrence Reeves, Binzhou Xia, Sanming Zhou (Chair)

Key dates:
Early bird registration closes 31 October 2021
Registration closes 21 November 2021
Abstract submission closes 21 November 2020

Conference website:<>


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