Tuesday, March 23, 2021

[DMANET] Call for Papers | DACH+ Conference and Doctoral Workshop on Energy Informatics | Deadline extended

Dear DACH+ Energy Informatics Community,

Please find here the updated Call for Papers for this year's edition of
the DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics, taking place during 13-17
September 2021 **ONLINE**. You can also find the text below and under
https://energy-informatics2021.org/call-for-papers/. We would be
grateful if you would further circulate this call.

As a good tradition from the last years, the Doctoral Workshop on Energy
Informatics is co-located with the DACH+ Conference. Please spread this
information to doctoral students that might benefit from the workshop's
signature feature of shepherding process and intense discussion.

Best regards on behalf of the organizers,
Anke Weidlich - General Chair
Ramiz Qussous & Nick Harder - Publicity Chairs
Dirk Neumann, Philipp Staudt & Gunther Gust - TPC Chairs
Astrid Niesse - Doctoral Workshop Chair

*** *Energy Informatics 2021 -- Call for Papers ****
The European Union intends to reduce its emissions by 55% in 2030 and
aims to be climate neutral in 2050. This makes the integration of
intermittent renewable power generation a question of growing
importance. Simultaneously, new demand side resources are added both at
the transmission level with newly installed large electrolysers and at
the distribution level with a sharp increase in numbers of electric
vehicles and heat pumps. Bridging the intermittency of generation and
the load of new (flexible) consumers can only succeed through ICT and
related concepts.

The objective of the DACH+ conference series on Energy Informatics is to
promote the research, development, and implementation of information and
communication technologies in the energy domain and to foster the
exchange between academia, industry, and service providers in the
German-Austrian-Swiss region and its neighbouring countries (DACH+).

We seek high-quality original contributions addressing the design,
adoption, operation and management of smart energy systems, the
integration of intermittent renewable generation and energy efficiency
gains through ICT, market approaches and mechanisms for ICT-enabled
energy systems, and research on associated (decentralised) data-driven
decisions. We welcome theoretical contributions as well as publications
addressing system design, implementation, and experimentation. The list
of topics of interest to the conference includes, but is not limited to:

* ICT for future energy systems, sector coupling and the integration
of intermittent renewable generation
* Information and decision support systems for future energy markets
and mechanisms
* Energy system modelling
* Protocols and architectures for IT systems in the energy sector
* Data analytics and machine learning for smart energy systems and
decentralised decision making, as well as platforms for data analysis
* Open data and software for energy research
* Management of distributed generation and demand side management
* ICT for (multi-) energy networks and micro-grids
* Energy-efficient mobility, charging management for electric
vehicles, energy-aware traffic control, and smart grid integration
of mobile storage
* Smart buildings, digital metering, occupant comfort, and user
* Adoption of ICT in the energy sector
* Cross-cutting issues including cyber security and privacy
protection, interoperability, verification of networked smart grid

*** *Important Dates ****

* Paper submission: May 7, 2021
* Poster/Demo submission: May 7, 2021
* Notification: Jun 18, 2021
* Camera-ready paper due: Jul 2, 2021
* Doctoral Workshop: Sep 14-15, 2021
* Conference: Sep 13-17, 2021

**** Posters, Demos and Workshops ****
Submissions for posters, demos, and workshop suggestions are welcome,
too. Details can be found on the conference website.

**** Submission and Publication ****
Submitted papers will be reviewed in a double-blind process. Accepted
and presented papers will be published in the Springer Open Journal
Energy Informatics https://energyinformatics.springeropen.com
<https://energyinformatics.springeropen.com>. The conference language is
English, and papers must be written in English. We solicit full research
papers (max. 18 pages of content plus 2 additional pages for references)
as well as short papers (max. 10 pages of content plus 2 additional
pages for references). Templates and instructions will be made available
at https://www.energy-informatics.eu/
<https://www.energy-informatics.eu/>. Further information on the
submission of posters and demos is also available on the website. The
Open Access fee for the journal article is included in the registration fee.

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