Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[DMANET] Call for papers - CP 2016 Music Track (22th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming)

2016 International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint
Programming (CP 2016)
September 5-9, 2016, Toulouse, France

Submission deadline: April 13th, 2016

The International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint
Programming will take place in Toulouse, France, from September 5th to
September 9th 2016. It will include a special Music Track.

This is the 22nd edition of the annual conference on all aspects of
computing with constraints, including: theory, algorithms, environments,
languages, models, systems, and applications such as decision making,
resource allocation, scheduling, configuration, and planning. The Association
for Constraint Programming <http://www.a4cp.org> has a list of previous
conferences <http://www.a4cp.org/events/cp-conference-series> in this

The CP 2016 program will include presentations of high quality scientific
papers on constraints technology. In addition to the usual technical track,
the CP 2016 conference will feature thematic tracks. Each track has a
specific sub-committee to make sure that competent reviewers will review
the papers submitted by people of these domains.

A number of invited talks on important topics relevant to the field will
also be presented. Beyond the usual workshop
<http://cp2016.a4cp.org/program/workshops/>, tutorial
<http://cp2016.a4cp.org/program/tutorials/> and doctoral programs, we will
repeat the published paper track in which important results that have
recently appeared in journals or sister conferences will be presented, the
journal publication fast track for outstanding submissions, and the
industry outreach program. Finally, we introduce this year a challenge
based on a realistic industrial grade optimization problem.
Music Track

Since its early beginning, Constraint Programming has a long history of
musical applications, like automatic harmonization, rhythm generation
tools, musical generation in a given style, constraint languages for music,
etc. The music track welcomes articles on any kind of musical application,
including (but not restricted to): music or sound generation or processing,
music modelling or analysis, generation of a particular musical aspect
(chords, notes, rhythms, etc.) of a musical piece, etc. On the CP side, we
welcome submissions for any kind of CP techniques, whether they are used in
a classical way (solving) or a less classical way (modelling languages, use
of CP solving traces, auralization, etc.).

submission instructions <http://cp2016.a4cp.org/dates/all-tracks.html>

*Importante dates:*
• Abstract submission deadline: April 13 2016
• Paper submission deadline: April 16, 2016 / April 22
• Provisional reviews to authors: May 22, 2016
• Author feedback: May 26, 2016
• Acceptance/rejection notification: June 6, 2016
• Camera ready version: June 20, 2015

*Program committee:*
• Gérard Assayag, IRCAM, France
• Mathieu Giraud, CNRS, France
• Dorien Herremans, Queen Mary University of London, UK
• Justin Pearson, Uppsala University, Sweden
• Camilo Rueda, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Cali, Colombia
• Örjan Sandred, University of Manitoba, Canada

Dorien Herremans, PhD

Queen Mary University of London
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
C4DM - Centre for Digital Music, London

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