Thursday, March 17, 2016

[DMANET] PhD position in Laboratory of Industrial System Optimization (LOSI, UTT)

Dear colleagues,

A PhD position is available in the Laboratory of Industrial System
Optimization (LOSI <>) at the University of Technology of
Troyes UTT).

*​​Title:* Optimization of energy consumption in the production industry.

*​​Duration:* 3 years (starting September 2016)

*​​Keywords:* Energy consumption in industry, renewable energy, planning
and scheduling

With multiple energy sources, the industrial sector is facing new energy
configurations. Despite the diversity of energy sources available for
companies, they face considerable difficulties to decide which source(s)
should be used to reach the production objectives. Moreover, some regions
inside the same country have a large potential of solar energy whereas
others hold several wind farms. This leads to different prices for the same
type of energy according to the region. Consequently, the energy costs for
the same company depend on the localization, the energy sources used and
the amount of consumption. The subsidiary companies are required to follow
different energy strategies depending on their localization.

The objective of this Ph.D thesis is to develop innovative optimization
methods (Hyperheuristiques, column generation, branch-and-price, etc.) for
the minimization of energy consumption with multiple energy sources in
production industries. The proposed methods and techniques will help the
companies to use an efficient energy strategy depending on their
localization and the available energy sources. They must be generic to
allow their application on different fields and companies.

Candidates must hold a master's degree in computer science, applied
mathematics or operations research. They must demonstrate advanced skills
in programming (C and C++) and good knowledge of combinatorial optimization
techniques (Linear and integer programming, heuristics and
metaheuristiques) and solvers (CPLEX, GUROBI, etc.). A previous experience
on solving scheduling problems will be appreciated.

Applications must be sent in a pdf format (one file if possible) including
the curriculum vitae, transcripts of grades, copies of the recent diplomas
and, when possible, letters of recommendations and the master's thesis.
*​Contact :*
​ *** ​
Taha Arbaoui (taha.arbaoui
​@​, LOSI, UTT
​ ***​
Alice Yalaoui, (alice.yalaoui

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