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[DMANET] GECCO 2016 Call for Workshop Papers, Late Breaking Abstracts, and Hot Off the Press


2016 ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2016)
July 20-24, 2016, Denver, Colorado, USA

** Workshops **

The organizing committee invites the submission of papers to the 17
workshops that will be held at GECCO 2016. The general submission
deadline is April 3, 2016. Interested authors are invited to consult
the individual web pages of the workshops for details about the
submission procedure. Accepted workshop papers will be included in
proceedings companion to be distributed on USB key to all attendees of
the conference and in the ACM Digital Library.

For more information and links to the individual workshop web pages:

** Important Dates **

* Workshop paper submission deadline (general): April 3, 2016
* Notification of acceptance for workshop papers: April 20, 2016
* Camera ready submission: May 4, 2016
* Advance registration: April 28, 2016

** List of Workshops **

* 6th Workshop on Evolutionary Computation for the Automated Design of
Algorithms (ECADA)
* Algorithms and Data Structures for Evolutionary Computation
* Bi-Objective Black Box Optimization Benchmarking 2016 (BO-BBOB 2016)
* Evolution in Cognition
* Evolutionary Computation in Computational Structural Biology
* Evolutionary Computation Software Systems (EvoSoft)
* GECCO Student Workshop
* Genetic and Evolutionary Computation in Defense, Security, and Risk Management
* Genetic Improvement Workshop
* Industrial Applications of Metaheuristics (IAM)
* International Workshop on Evolutionary Rule-based Machine Learning
(Former International Workshop on Learning Classifier Systems)
* Measuring and Promoting Diversity in Evolutionary Algorithms
* Medical Applications of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (MedGEC)
* Model-Based Evolutionary Algorithms (MBEA)
* Visualisation Methods in Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (VizGEC 2016)
* Women@GECCO Workshop
* Workshop on Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Optimisation (SAEOpt 2016)

** Late Breaking Abstracts **

Two-page abstracts describing late-breaking developments in the field
of genetic and evolutionary computation are solicited for presentation
at the Late-Breaking Abstracts Workshop of the 2016 Genetic and
Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2016), and for inclusion in
the proceedings companion to be distributed on USB key to all
attendees of the conference and in the ACM Digital Library.
Late-breaking abstracts will be briefly examined for relevance and
minimum standards of acceptability, but will not be peer reviewed in
detail. Authors of accepted late-breaking abstracts will individually
retain copyright (and all other rights) to their late-breaking
abstracts. Accepted late breaking abstracts with no author registered
by the deadline will not appear in the Late-Breaking Abstracts section
on the USB key nor the ACM Digital Library.

For more information:

** Hot Off the Press **

The HOP (Hot Off the Press) track offers authors of recent papers the
opportunity to present their work to the GECCO community, both by
giving a talk on one of the three main days of the conference and by
having a 2-page abstract appear in the Proceedings Companion, in which
also the workshop papers, late-breaking abstracts, and tutorials
appear. We invite researchers to submit summaries of their own work
recently published in top-tier conferences and journals. Contributions
are selected based on their scientific quality and their relevance to
the GECCO community. Typical contributions include (but are not
limited to) evolutionary computation papers appeared at venues
different from GECCO, papers comparing different heuristics and
optimization methods that appeared at a general heuristics or
optimization venue, papers describing applications of evolutionary
methods that appeared at venues of this application domain, or papers
describing methods with relevance to the GECCO community that appeared
at a venue centered around this methods domain. In any case, it is the
author's responsibility to make clear why this work is relevant for
the GECCO community, and to present the results in a language
accessible to the GECCO community. The deadline for submission is
April 10, 2016.

For more information:

** Contacts **



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