Tuesday, March 8, 2016

[DMANET] Research Associate in Randomized Algorithms (King's College London)

This is an eighteen-month research post at postdoctoral level, funded by an
EPSRC project entitled "Randomized algorithms for computer networks." The
intended starting date is 1st June 2016, but a later start may be possible.
The project seeks to develop and generalise work on random discrete
processes both theoretically, and in application to large online networks.

Research in the project is based around, but not restricted to, the
following three thematic areas: analysis and algorithmic applications of
random walks on graphs and digraphs, random processes on distributed
networks, self modifying random networks.

We encourage applications from candidates with a theoretical research
background, and from those with both theoretical and programming abilities.
The post is suitable to applicants from Computer Science or Mathematics
with a particular interest in random structures and algorithms.

The appointed candidate will work with Professors Colin Cooper and Tomasz
Radzik at King's College London, and collaborate with Professor Martin Dyer
at the University of Leeds, who is a research partner on this project.

Please apply via:


Colin Cooper
Algorithm and BioInformatics Group
Department of Informatics (formerly Computer Science)
King's College London

email: colin.cooper@kcl.ac.uk

website: www.inf.kcl.ac.uk/staff/ccooper

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