Thursday, March 9, 2017

[DMANET] Call for papers: Mini symposium on Optimisation under Uncertainty at EUROGEN 2017

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Mini symposium on Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation @ EUROGEN 2017
September 13-15, 2017, Madrid, Spain

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*** SUBMISSION deadline extended abstract: April 14, 2017 ***

Real world design optimization problems often require that the solution meets stringent requirements of robustness and reliability, and the continued progress and advancement of computational capabilities of modern computer systems make it increasingly attractive the idea of introducing uncertainty quantification techniques directly into the optimization loop. On the other hand, the analysis and quantification of the uncertainty has made enormous progresses in recent years since the seminal work of Taguchi on the application of statistical methods to improve the quality of manufactured goods. This special session is conceived as forum of discussion between the research community and industry on the perspectives of the rapidly growing field of optimization under uncertainty. The present session will focus on both industrial applications and basic research to bring together practitioners in a field that is experiencing enormous broadening. Authors are encouraged to propose either success stories of application of optimization under uncertainty in industrial contexts or to present the latest developments of basic research in this exciting field.

Authors are invited to submit papers on any topic related to optimization under uncertainty. More specifically, they may focus one or more of the following topics:
- Industrial applications of optimization in presence of uncertainties
- Large scale problems
- Worst case scenario
- Robust design
- Reliability-based design
- Multi and many object optimization under uncertainty
- Evidence-based approaches and decision making
- Evolvable optimization under uncertainty
- Innovative/alternative approaches to optimization under uncertainty
- Methods to speed-up computationally expensive problems

Submission guidelines: instructions for authors are given at the following conference page<>

Domenico Quagliarella, Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (CIRA),
Massimiliano Vasile, University of Strathclyde,

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