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[DMANET] CPAIOR 2017 Registration + Workshop on Data Mining meets Optimization


The Fourteenth International Conference on Integration of Artificial
Intelligence (AI) and Operations Research (OR) techniques in Constraint
Programming (CPAIOR 2017) invites participants to register for the conference. 

- Conference Location: Padova, Italy 
- Conference Dates: June 5 - June 8, 2017
- Conference Website:
- Conference Series:
- Contact:

The conference program includes a master class on "Computational Techniques for
optimization" and a workshop of the EURO working group on "Data Science Meets
Optimization (DSO)".


CPAIOR 2017 will host a workshop of the EURO working group on "Data Science
meets Optimization". The workshop will be bi-located, with the second
installation being remotely connected and hosted by the CEC 2017 conference.

The EURO DSO group aims at promoting the interaction of data science (DS) and
optimisation (O), and better exploitation of the areas in which they overlap.
Additional information on the group can be found at:

The detailed Call for Papers for the workshop can be found at:

Here we report the main pieces of information.

Workshop Aim

The aim of the workshop is to organise an open discussion and exchange of ideas
by researchers from different domains (Data Science and Optimization, in broad
terms). Authors are invited to send in a contribution in the form of a position
paper. A reviewing panel will select the papers to be presented at the workshop
according to their suitability to the aims. Finished work highlighting the
opportunities will be welcomed, as will be sound descriptions and elaborations
on good ideas. Following the workshop, a special issue will be prepared.

Paper submission

Please send your contribution by e-mail to

And use the subject:

    Workshop on Data Science meets Optimisation.

Please mention that you will be attending the installation of the workshop at
CPAIOR 2017. 

If your submission is specifically sent to the workshop (and not as a regular
paper to CPAIOR 2017), then to help ensure correct formatting please use the
IEEE conference paper templates (US Letter). Please prepare the manuscripts
following the template instructions. Only papers prepared in PDF format will be

- Paper Length: 3 to 8 pages, including figures, tables and references.
- Paper Formatting: double column, single spaced, #10 point Times Roman font.
- Margins: Left, Right, and Bottom: 0.75" (19mm). The top margin must be 0.75"
  (19 mm), except for the title page where it must be 1" (25 mm). No page
  numbers please. We will insert the page numbers for you.

Important dates

- Submission deadline: March 25, 2017
- Workshop date: June 5 (in parallel with the CPAIOR master class)

Workshop organization

- Group coordinators: Patrick De Causmaecker, Ender Özcan, Andrew Parkes
- Proceedings chair: Pieter Leyman
- Publicity chair: Morteza Davari


The CPAIOR registration can be done on-line at:

- The deadline for early registrations is April: 15, 2017
- The deadline for regular registrations is: May 31, 2017
- It is also possible to register on-site (at an increased fee)

The fees are as follows:

Type                                  | Early bird | Late    | On-site
Regular                               | 390€       | 450€    | 550€
Student                               | 220€       | 280€    | 350€
Master class & workshop only          | 80€        | 100€    | 120€
Social dinner ticket                  | 60€        | 60€     | 80€

- All fees already include a 22% VAT.
- The conference fee includes the master class & workshop
- The conference fee does _not_ include the social dinner ticket
- It is possible to buy up to one extra social dinner ticket per registration,
  for accompanying persons

The proceedings will be available in electronic format


The aim of the conference is to bring together interested researchers from
Constraint Programming (CP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Operations
Research (OR) to present new techniques or applications in combinatorial
optimization, and to provide an opportunity for researchers in one area to
learn about techniques in the others.

A main objective of this conference series is also to give these researchers
the opportunity to show how the integration of techniques from different fields
can lead to interesting results on large and complex problems.

The program covers broadly the following topics:

* Inference and relaxation methods: constraint propagation, cutting planes,
  global constraints, graph algorithms, dynamic programming, Lagrangian and
  convex relaxations, heuristic functions based on relaxations. 
* Search methods: branch and bound, intelligent backtracking, incomplete
  search, randomized search, portfolios, column generation, Benders
  decomposition or any other decomposition methods, local search and
* Integration of machine learning and optimization: learning-based search and
  heuristics, use of predictive models in optimization, constraint acquisition,
  optimization for training machine learning models
* Integration methods: solver communication, model transformations and solver
  selection, parallel and distributed resolution techniques, models, and
* Modeling methods: comparison of models, symmetry breaking, uncertainty,
  dominance relationships.
* Innovative Applications of CP/AI/OR techniques.
* Implementation of CP/AI/OR techniques and optimization systems.


The detailed program and schedule (accepted papers organized in sessions) will
be published soon on the conference web site.

June 5: Master class and workshop

- Master class on "Computation Techniques for Optimization", with lecturers:
  - prof. Tobias Achterberg,
  - prof. Laurent Michel,
  - prof. Pascal Van Hentenryck,
  - prof. Pierre Schaus,
- EURO group workshop on "Data Science Meets Optimization"

June 6 -- June 8: Technical program

- Presentations of the 32 accepted papers and 4 Fast Track papers which are
  accepted for publication on the "Constraints" journal
- Two invited talks, by
  - Prof. Christian Kersting,
  - Prof. Andrea Lodi,

Abstracts of the invited talks will be published on the conference we site as
soon as they are available.


Program Chairs: Domenico Salvagnin and Michele Lombardi
Conference Chair: Domenico Salvagnin

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