Monday, March 27, 2017

[DMANET] Workshop "Interactions with Lattice Polytopes", September 14-16, Magdeburg

We would like to announce a three-day workshop on lattice polytopes and
their interactions with
toric geometry, mirror symmetry, integer optimization, commutative
algebra and other neighboring fields.

Location: Magdeburg, Germany.

Dates: September 14-16, 2017.


Speakers (as of 03/17):
-Gennadiy Averkov (Magdeburg)
-Victor Batyrev (Tübingen)
-Tom Coates (Imperial)
-Sandra Di Rocco (KTH Stockholm)
-Akihiro Higashitani (Kyoto Sangyo University)
-Katharina Jochemko (KTH Stockholm)
-Lukas Katthän (Minnesota)
-Valentina Kiritchenko (HSE Moscow)
-Mateusz Michalek (MPI Leipzig)
-Hendrik Süß (Manchester)
-Ketil Tveiten (Uppsala)

PhD talks: We invite PhD students to apply for one of three talk slots
together with full reimbursement of accommodation and travel costs.

-Johannes Hofscheier (Magdeburg)
-Alexander Kasprzyk (Nottingham)
-Benjamin Nill (Magdeburg)
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