Thursday, March 16, 2017

[DMANET] [GECCO 2017] CFP: Workshop on Evolutionary Computation Software Systems (EvoSoft)


to be held as part of the

2017 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2017)
July 15th-19th 2017, Berlin, Germany

Organized by ACM SIGEVO

Submission deadline for this workshop: *March 27th, 2017*

Evolutionary computation (EC) methods are applied in many different
domains. Therefore soundly engineered, reusable, flexible,
user-friendly, and interoperable software systems are more than ever
required to bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical
application. However, due to the heterogeneity of the application
domains and the large number of EC methods, the development of such
systems is both, time consuming and complex. Consequently many EC
researchers still implement individual and highly specialized software
which is often developed from scratch, concentrates on a specific
research question, and does not follow state of the art software
engineering practices. By this means the chance to reuse existing
systems and to provide systems for others to build their work on is not
sufficiently seized within the EC community. In many cases the developed
systems are not even publicly released, which makes the comparability
and traceability of research results very hard.

This workshop enables EC researchers to exchange their ideas on how to
develop and apply generic and reusable EC software systems and to
present open and freely available solutions on which others can build
their work on. Furthermore, the workshop should help to identify common
efforts in the development of EC software systems and should highlight
cooperation potentials and synergies between different research groups.
It concentrates on the importance of high-quality software systems and
professional software engineering in the field of EC and provides a
platform for EC researchers to discuss the following and other related

* development and application of generic and reusable EC software systems
* architectural and design patterns for EC software systems
* software modeling of EC algorithms and problems
* open-source EC software systems
* expandability, interoperability, and standardization
* comparability and traceability of research results
* graphical user interfaces and visualization
* comprehensive statistical and graphical results analysis
* parallelism and performance
* usability and automation
* comparison and evaluation of EC software systems

Additional details are available at
Submission Deadline: March 27th, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: April 10th, 2017
Camera-ready Submission: April 24th, 2017
Workshops at GECCO 2017: July 15th and 16th, 2017

Authors should send their papers to until March
27th, 2017. All workshop papers have to fulfill the formatting
requirements of GECCO'17 full papers. Detailed preparation instructions
for authors are listed here:

Dr. Stefan Wagner
Professor for Complex Software Systems

Dr. Michael Affenzeller
Professor for Heuristic Optimization and Machine Learning

Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory (HEAL)
Department of Software Engineering, Campus Hagenberg
School of Informatics, Communications and Media
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

GECCO is sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery Special
Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (SIGEVO). SIG
Services: 2 Penn Plaza, Suite 701, New York, NY, 10121, USA,
1-800-342-6626 (USA and Canada) or +212-626-0500 (Global).

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