Tuesday, March 14, 2017

[DMANET] Release of the SCIP Optimization Suite 4.0

Dear community,

we proudly announce the release of the SCIP Optimization Suite 4.0.0. It
consists of SCIP 4.0.0, SoPlex 3.0.0, ZIMPL 3.3.4, GCG 2.1.2, and UG
0.8.3. The new release comprises many new features, including

- new and improved primal heuristics and conflict analysis techniques,

- the support of partial user solutions,

- a new concurrent solving mode to launch several SCIP's with
different settings in parallel,

- solution polishing to improve integrality of LP solutions,

- an extended framework for custom relaxation handlers,

- new Java and Julia interfaces, hosted at
https://github.com/SCIP-Interfaces, and

- an improved API documentation.

For a complete list of the performance improvements and features and for
downloading the new SCIP Optimization Suite, please visit


A technical report with an in-depth description of the improvements to
the SCIP Optimization Suite is available on Optimization Online:


Along with the optimization suite, a new version of SCIP-SDP, the
SCIP-plugin for solving mixed-integer semidefinite programs, has been
released with an added interface to the SDP-solver of MOSEK. SCIP-SDP
3.0.0 is available at


Happy Downloading,
the SCIP Optimization Suite Team
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