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[DMANET] Call for Nominations: The 2021 ACM SIGAI Industry Award for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence

Call for Nominations: The 2021 ACM SIGAI Industry Award for Excellence in
Artificial Intelligence

The ACM SIGAI Industry Award for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
will be given annually to individuals or teams who have transferred
original academic research into AI applications in recent years in ways
that demonstrate the power of AI techniques via a combination of the
following features: originality of the research novelty and technical
excellence of the approach; importance of AI techniques to the approach;
and actual or predicted societal impact of the application. Awardees
receive a plaque accompanied by a prize of $5,000, and will be recognized
at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence through an
agreement with the IJCAI Board of Trustees.

After decades of progress in the theory, research and development of AI, AI
applications are increasingly moving into the commercial sector. A great
deal of pioneering application-level work is being done by those
transferring research results into industry—from startups to large
corporations—and this is influencing commerce and the broad public in a
wide variety of ways. This award complements the numerous academic,
best-paper and related awards, in that it focuses on innovators of fielded
AI applications. It is intended especially to recognize those who are not
only active in the academic community, but also playing key roles in AI
commercialization. The award honors these innovators and highlights their
achievements (and thus the benefit of AI techniques) to computing
professionals and the public at large. The award committee will consider
applications that are open-source or proprietary and that may or may not
involve hardware.

Evaluation Criteria: The criteria include the following, but there is no
fixed weighting of them:

Novelty of application area

Novelty and technical excellence of the approach

Importance of AI techniques for the approach

Actual and predicted societal benefits of the fielded application

Eligibility Criteria: Any individual or team, worldwide, is eligible for
the award.


Nomination Procedure:


One nomination and three endorsements must be submitted. The nomination
must identify the individual or team members, describe their fielded AI
system, and explain how it addresses the award criteria. The nomination
must be written by a member of ACM SIGAI. Two of the endorsements must be
from members of ACM or ACM SIGAI.

Please submit the nomination and endorsements as a single PDF file in an
email to the chair of the committee, Craig Boutilier <cboutilier@google.com

We will acknowledge receipt of the nomination.




Nominations Due: March 15, 2021

Award Announcement: April 25, 2021

Award Presentation: Aug 21-26 at IJCAI 2021

Award Call as a PDF: https://rebrand.ly/SIGAI-Industry-Award

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