Thursday, February 25, 2021


** 4th Annual Canadian Healthcare Optimization Workshop (CHOW) **

The Health Care Operational Research Special Interest Group (HCOR SIG) of the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) is excited to announce that CHOW 2021 will be held virtually on Monday June 7th, 2021. The workshop brings together academics from several disciplines including operations management, management science, and artificial intelligence/machine learning. It also connects academic researchers with healthcare practitioners to discuss innovative solutions, data-driven decision support tools, and best practices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems. The workshop promotes the research of young scholars with a common interest in sharing scientific approaches to identify operational issues in the management of health services and the improvement of healthcare delivery. For additional information, please see the conference website at

CHOW 2021 will feature three plenary and three technical talks designed to highlight three different methodological areas in healthcare operations: operations research, econometric modeling, and machine learning. The plenary talks are designed to showcase prominent researchers in the field of healthcare operations that have made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the area. The technical talks will feature junior academics (pre-tenure faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, and post-doctoral fellows). All papers accepted for a technical session represent finalists in the inaugural CHOW best paper competition; the winner will be announced on the day of the conference.

The plenary sessions cover the three leading areas of healthcare operations:

* Operations Research Plenary Speaker: Professor Oguzhan Alagoz<>
* Econometric Modeling Plenary Speaker: Professor Anita Tucker<>
* Machine Learning Plenary Speaker: Professor Frank Rudzicz<>

To submit a paper to present in a technical session, please use the following email address:

The deadline is March 12th, 2021. Manuscripts, including the abstract and all references, should be less than 38 pages double-spaced (this is defined as having at most, 33 lines per page) with size 11 font and one-inch margins on all sides. Only unpublished manuscripts will be considered. For additional information, please feel free to contact the workshop chairs at the following emails:

Adam Diamant <>

Andre A. Cire <>


Andre Augusto Cire
Assistant Professor in Operations Management
Department of Management, University of Toronto Scarborough
Rotman School of Management (cross-appoint.)
Phone: +1-416-208-4838 (UTSC), +1-416-978-5454 (Rotman)<>

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