Monday, February 22, 2021

[DMANET] Postdoc positions in Reasoning and Learning at Linkoping University Sweden

The Reasoning and Learning Group at Linkoping University in Sweden has
two open postdoc positions (up to 2 years each) for doing curiosity
driven basic research in the intersection between reasoning and
learning. Application deadline March 8.

We are a growing research group with a broad interest in AI that publish
in leading venues with many international connections such as the TAILOR
network. We are especially interested in
* Incremental reasoning and learning especially stream reasoning,
* spatio-temporal reasoning and learning for example about trajectories
and events/activities,
* multi-agent reasoning and learning for example combinatorial
assignment and multi-agent multi-objective reinforcement learning, and
* reasoning and learning for Trustworthy AI such as privacy-preserving
synthetic data generation and run-time verification for safe autonomous

At least one of the postdocs will work on developing new machine
learning methods for creating privacy preserving synthetic
spatio-temporal trajectory data sets. The goal is to 1) extend
generative adversarial network (GAN) methods to learn generative
spatio-temporal trajectory models and 2) develop new Bayesian
Optimization methods for creating tailored privacy-preserving synthetic
data sets using these generative models.

We welcome applicants that have their own research ideas that are
aligned with the research group.

For more information and to apply see:

The application deadline is March 8. It would be good if you can start
after the summer (or earlier). It is possible to start working remotely
if needed.

If you want to know more please get in touch!

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