Tuesday, February 9, 2021

[DMANET] SMS++ 0.4.0 now public

The SMS++ development team is happy to announce that our Structured Modelling System is now publicly available. The "umbrella" repository


provides access to the "core" C++ library and an initial set of modules related to problems with specific structure and/or the corresponding solution algorithms.

SMS++ is a modelling system with a focus on large-scale, challenging optimization problems solved by complex algorithms. However, SMS++ also aims at promoting a higher re-use of solution approaches for "small-scale" specific problems by providing at least some tentative steps towards a standardised interface for "any" optimization problem solved by "any" algorithm. The hope is to encourage the growth of a vibrant community whereby developers of methods for specific structures see a much higher uptake of their produces, benefiting everyone.

SMS++ is still under very active development and therefore has to be approached with due care, but it may already be useful for some specific use cases. Feedback on any aspect of the system will be highly welcome.

We gratefully acknowledge the fundamental financial support of the plan4res project (https://www.plan4res.eu) and of the Gaspard Monge program for Optimization and Operations Research (http://www.fondation-hadamard.fr/fr/PGMO).

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