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[DMANET] PhD proposal in operations research and transport optimization - G-SCOP, lab, Grenoble, France

A PhD studentship is available at G-SCOP lab, Grenoble, France.

The subject is in Operations Research for optimization of transportation
networks with regards to a refine economical characterization. Details
are provided at the end of this message.

For further information and applications, please, send a message to
Pierre Lemaire (

Pierre Lemaire

* * *

PhD. proposal in Computer Sciences and Operations Research
Grenoble University, France

Subject: Optimization of a transportation system with respect to a
refined economical characterization

Keywords: optimization, transportation networks, economics

Research team

The PhD. student shall be part of the ROSP team (Operations Research for
Production Systems) of the G-SCOP (laboratory of Sciences for the
Conception, Optimization and Production, Grenoble, France). Nine
full/associate professors and as many PhD. students form the ROSP team,
which is specialized on the conception and the optimization of
industrial systems, and more particularly supply chain, scheduling and
transportation systems.

The work shall be joint work with the GAEL lab, which conducts research
in the areas of agriculture, consumption and environment. GAEL's main
research subject is economics, and in particular economical study of
transportation systems.


The ROSP team has been working for several year with Conseil Général de
l'Isère and Chambre d'Agriculture de l'Isère (two local institutions
which are, among other things, in charge of the local agricultural
development). The purpose is to propose and optimize new local networks
for farm produce. The aim is both to provide farmers with new and
reliable incomes, and to provide consumers with high-quality products.
Such networks require an appropriate logistical structure, to gather
together various people (farmers, shipping companies, restaurants, ...)
spread over the whole territory and with different objectives and costs.
So as to ensure its viability, it is required to have a clear and
refined economical representation of it.


The major purpose of this PhD. proposal is to conceive, develop and test
methods and tools that allow to propose and optimize such networks,
integrating their structural and economical specificities.
At first, models and algorithms from the operations research literature
shall be extended to handle new and original constraints and/or
objectives of local networks for farm produce.
Then, the main work shall be to integrate a refined economical knowledge
into these models and algorithms. A particular attention shall be paid
to cost models (functional forms, uncertainties, …), acceptability
criteria (profitability threshold, opportunity costs, …) and aggregation
models of individuals (e.g., what is a generic "farmer"?). The purpose
is to find out, through mathematical analyses and/or a computer
simulations, how to take into account, as best as possible the richness
of the economical information while being capable of actually solving
the optimization models.

Information and contacts

The applicant must have a Master degree (or equivalent). She/he must
have a significant expertise in operations research, mathematical
optimization and/or computer programming. Some knowledge in economy will
be appreciated.
Applicant shall sent a curriculum vitae, a cover letter and recommendations.
3-year position; starting October, 2012.

Contact for further information and/or for application: Pierre Lemaire,
G-SCOP / Grenoble-INP,

Pierre Lemaire
INP Grenoble - Génie Industriel
Laboratoire G-SCOP (bureau H317)
46, avenue Félix Viallet F-38031 Grenoble cedex 01
tel: (+33)

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